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Throughout my education, Biology has been the subject which I have been most engaged and enthralled by. My passion for the subject has been developed alongside my knowledge and level of understanding my A-Level studies. My enthusiasm for the subject means I am very excited at the prospect of studying it further at degree level.

Whilst studying the genetic code and cell cycles at A-Level, it really stood out to me just how multifaceted even the simplest of organisms can be.

Whilst studying ecosystems and ecology I realised that the composition of biotic and abiotic factors and the symbiotic relationship organisms and their environment have, is just as important as the inner workings.

This has helped me develop self-motivation and independent study skills by allowing me to work in my own free time.

During my A-Level course I had the opportunity to do a week long field trip based on ecology. I studied the succession present on sand dunes; the difference abiotic factors can have on biodiversity and many other things. I also carried out many statistical tests based on the data. I have now developed some of my field study skills, including the ability to design investigations, and carry out statistical tests.

Through my Maths A-Level I have gained a better understanding of statistics and the concepts of probability and chance, which I've found to be big factors when studying the way things behave in Biology.

Through my studies in Chemistry I have come to appreciate how strongly related to Biology is in many ways, and to truly understand the way organisms survive I need to understand many aspects of Chemistry.

This has helped me improve my cross-subject links and I have been able to transfer my knowledge and skills between the two sciences.

I have been appointed as Biology Subject Leader by my school. The various responsibilities included in this position are; helping out on open days, helping younger students and having a more involved role in the subject.

I have also helped Year 9 and 10 students with their GCSE work, providing assistance to the teacher and sharing my knowledge and passion for Biology with younger students. Apart from helping others in school I also attended an A-Level Biology workshop at Newcastle University on the immune system and immunology which I found intriguing.

I have been attending night classes since September 2011 in Japanese. I started with speaking and listening and went on to develop my reading and writing skills.

I enjoy the challenge of learning a new language, especially one that doesn't use the Latin alphabet, but it has also benefitted me as I have gained a greater understanding of other cultures and improved my ability to learn vast amount of information in a short space of time.

Outside of school I have a part-time job as a waiter which has greatly developed my reliability, communication and time management skills. I have become increasingly aware of the need to prioritise. I also did some voluntary work at the Salvation Army Shop as a stock checker and assisting customers.

I am a contributing member of the Alnwick Youth Forum which is a liaison role between the local councils and the young people of the community. The aim of the forum is to help to bridge the gap between different groups of people and allow each to understand the other better. I am much more politically aware since joining.

Another interest of mine is acting and I have performed in plays and musicals since a very young age. I like to vary the types of plays I do from serious tragedies to something as silly as a pantomime. Participating in plays has definitely enhanced my memory skills and learning as I fully appreciate the importance of a deadline.

I am enthused by the idea of being somewhere where I can discover answers to questions that have always intrigued me. I will relish the opportunity of studying Biology further and developing my potential and look forward to the university experience.

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This personal statement was written by Kaney24 for application in 2013.

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The Manchester Metropolitan University
The University of Birmingham
University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
The University of Sheffield
The University of Essex

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After writing this personal statement I thought I needed to send it off quickly before I changed it again... I wrote this about 7 times and each time it was entirely different and decided it needed to go before I changed my mind... I then noticed spelling errors... after it had been sent and thought the worst. However, I got five offers so it must have been pretty decent.


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