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During my life I discovered that: “Art is the password to the self”. It’s a personable path that allows us to recreative ourselves, to explore our past and even allows us to identify abstract feelings and ideas into something concrete.
When I noticed in Vincent Van Gogh paintings, how he provided an illusion of movement and the idea that nothing is stable, I felt driven to learn to see the world as he did and keep exploring the power of representation in art. Many times, I sat down and tried to create my own version of one of his pieces, but while I was looking for colors in my pallet, I felt like the colors appear on their own. As an artist myself, I rather select colors darker and bluer, but when I had his painting in front of me as a reference, I needed to understand my goal of trying to have a relationship with all surroundings. Art traduce thoughts and provides ways of finding yourself, and Vincent was looking for a state of peace and simple qualities.
In addition, I am also passionate about films and photography. It’s fascinating how some angels can manipulate the narrative of events. There are allegories of our reality. The use of colors also affects their audiences and the use of their resources is crucial for storytelling. Why do curators use white walls for some exhibitions? Or why not? These are some questions that we can ask ourselves that explore the intention behind the artist, the curators or the museum.
I graduated high school in a bilingual school where, I enrolled in literature seminars, where we discussed Latin-American writers, a film club where we watched and analyzed different old classic movies, a musical group where I played the guitar, and a drama club in which we performed many musicals in front of the whole school. I was also able to take many Cambridge exams such as: PET and FCE. And in different circumstances, I got selected to represent my district in an Argentinian Handball tournament, where we won second place in 2009.
I have always been asking people and myself: what is art. An answer that doesn’t only correlate to things and aspects that are beautiful, but also about the value of history and culture which represent people, movements, political influence and style, on a path that doesn’t end. For me, art has represented a magical sense which reflects the image of an iceberg and the ambition to fully understand it, such as the self.
From then on, I often asked myself: “How many colors are there in the sky?” With a deeper look, we can find that there are more than ten. While attending painting classes, the unlimited possibilities of tones of colors always kept me trying to do an extra mile in this path. Apart from continuing with my practice thought painting, I would like to work in museums or schools where I could work to engage with people.
I moved from Argentina to Budapest, Hungary; by getting a scholarship to learn Hungarian at Balassi Intezet in 2014. As the daughter of a marriage of dual heritage, Hungarian and Danish, I grow up full of diverse cultures, traditions and even languages.
Coming to Europe was the best decision I have done in my young career. It opened many doors that allowed me to get deeper into the art. I finished the year, having gained an Intermediate level of Hungarian while I also got the chance to travel to places, where I could stand in front of unique art pieces. So, when the time came to go back home, instead I decided to stay in Hungary.
As soon as I decided to stay without a degree or a job, my search began, and it took me to McDaniel College, where I got the chance to enroll in College in a city I loved. I started focusing on art classes where I learned about practical techniques about drawing, painting, collage, some basic ideas about graphic design, history of art, modern art, sacred architecture, the art of India, Japan and China. During my second year I also started to get interested in Psychology. Thus, I decided to reach a double major degree; therefore, I also took classes where I learned about cognitive psychology, statistics, and social and developmental psychology.
Although I graduated with a double major in Art History and Psychology, my instinct and my technical skills feel more driven by art, but counting with a base in Psychology it allowed me to know myself a bit better and others, while I also tried to understand concepts with a more analytical view, allowing my singular personality features to evolve into a deep-seated love for art and others.
During my college years, I took part in the college newspaper and student council where my purpose was to guide other students to be more aware of many topics. In many occasions, I exposed my artwork along with other students. I attended the 58th Annual EB-ACA Conference as a volunteer to help set up the event and provided general assistance, where also got the chance to attend many interesting lectures about the future of therapy. During my third year I took an internship at Cultivini Wine to let my journalism skills grow more. However, it was not always easy because unlike other students I also worked full-time to support myself during my studies.
My working experience in IT support and HR, allowed get gain a deeper knowledge in technology and work-related processes. I can say I gained as much professional experience and a sense of responsibility that keeps helping me all the way through.
Although the course of my life is most likely going to be transient and complex, art will always keep me grounded. Museum are sacred places to me, there are institution that provided education and perspective on real issues that should concern us all. Art is essential because it keeps inviting us to ask as many questions as possible and it becomes a place of encounter within the self, cultures, pollical ideologies and history.

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