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I have always had a fascination with the archaeological world. Archaeology provides me with the opportunity to question how my ancestors lived, worked, survived and created what is now the world today.

My interest in learning about humanity's past arose from when I was a child, where I was captivated with artifacts in museums. It provided a forum which was to my imagination and introduced me to experimental archaeology.

As I have matured, my enthusiasm and excitement for archaeology has grown after visits to Chester and York, where I was able to appreciate not only the archaeological artifacts found in these places, but also the magnificence of the standing buildings that remain today.

This lead to a particular interest and eagerness to learn more about the ways of everyday life for the people living in the ancient world, in particular the Roman Empire.

My A-level study of archaeology has demonstrated my commitment to learning techniques, methods and theories needed to engage in effective research, excavations, delicacy and preservation of artifacts. Reading books such as 'Archaeology is Rubbish' by Tony Robinson and 'Excavation' by Steve Roskams has continued my studies.

These books have provided me with extra knowledge of how to deal with specialist sites, such as waterlogged and underwater excavations. Additionally, they have developed my understanding of techniques used by archaeologists to gain the most accurate results when reconstructing the past.

A-Level Religion and Philosophy has extended my knowledge of archaeological aspects such as Roman religion and ritual. Moreover, geology has developed my understanding of how geological features can impact the landscape, which is essential for desktop archaeology and investigating settlement.

Geology has also increased my ability to date and provide a location as to where certain artifacts may have come from.

I have experienced hands on archaeology at the 'Dig' centre in York. This developed my practical methods of excavation and interpretation of artifacts. The 'Dig' centre gave me the opportunity to familiarise myself with animal bones and how they can be used to help archaeologists in recreating the past.

I have a particular interest for many sports including, karate, rugby and athletics. My commitment to Karate has earned me the rank of 1st Dan black belt, which has qualified me for the teaching of the subject, and given me effective leadership qualities.

Similarly in rugby, I am in the process of becoming a qualified referee. This has been a valuable experience as it has developed my team leading, and team work skills.

My extensive work within the college has gained me a position on the college council as enrichment representative; where I have brought the students and staff closer together. Subsequently, the responsibility and trust placed in me to do this job has provided me with excellent communication and organization skills.

Furthermore, as illustrated above, I am a conscientious, hardworking student and I'm more than willing to accept and overcome new challenges that I may face during a place at higher education.

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This personal statement was written by sweet666 for application in 2008.

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I wanted to post it up hear to get critical feedback because to study archaeology at a good uni is the best thing that could happen to me right now, so I dont want to mess up my chance. So comments would be greatly appreciated.


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I reallly enjoyed reading your personal statement. you very able to show your interest for the subject through-out the whole statement.

have you decided which universities you are going to apply to?

from an archaeology lecturer

Just passing through looking for inspiration for my daughter whose applying to do Spanish. If you havent already submitted this PLEASE get somebody to check your grammar and sentence structure before you do - it reads to me like you are trying to use words that you dont really understand and as a result you havent got it quite right in several places. Also, its far better to write shorter sentences than to try and write long ones with lots of embedded phrases that are grammatically incorrect. You clearly have a love of archaeology and lots of experience (and quite right too!). It would be a shame to spoil it with badly written English.


First line kills it for me.

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