Archaeology Personal Statement Example 5

I have had an interest in archaeology for some years
which has stemmed from reading about topics such as Troy and ancient Rome. I have always found
it very intriguing how the discoveries of sites and artefacts from places like these have
raised awareness about the importance and value of archaeology and I am fascinated by how
archaic cultures, findings and inventions have influenced our modern lives. I have been
interested in the discovery of ancient cultures and how we learn about them since I studied
Greek and Roman mythology in primary school and subsequently bought a book of Greek myths. I
was happy to learn that I would be able to study Classics at college and I find that this
gives me an insight into the culture through reading Homer's Odyssey and Iliad, and several
Greek plays, including Aristophanes' Wasps and Euripides' Medea.
Another aspect of archaeology I enjoy is the medieval period, and this has led me to visit
several sites which not only include medieval history but date back hundreds of years before,
including Bamburgh and Alnwick Castles in Northumbria. To learn more about how archaeology can
completely change our perception of history, I decided to do an EPQ about the significance of
the Coppergate dig in York and how it altered our opinions of Viking life. For my research I
visited the Jorvik museum and have collected information in different forms as well as finding
photographs from York Archaeological Trust from the time of the dig. I chose to study this
because Jorvik is a big part of York's history, the Coppergate dig along with it, and I was
fascinated by the idea that one simple excavation could alter so many previous assumptions
about the Viking way of life.
I also have an interest in the archaeology of Ancient Egypt, as there is much more to uncover
about this other great culture than we have already found, especially as new truths about
Egypt are always being discovered, such as how the pyramids were built and how the Egyptians
buried their dead. This topic is something that I would love to know more about through
reading or documentaries.
I have improved my essay writing skills and learned how to analyse specific points with
accuracy by studying English Language while I have combined these with a more creative element
through Film Studies.
I was able to study a different culture and language through modern topics by learning AS
Spanish and this gave me an appreciation of other cultures as well as knowledge of another
I have held a part time job for just over a year now at a shoe shop, and I feel like the sort
of tasks and issues I am faced with has helped me to become more confident and responsible. I
have been to Lourdes twice on pilgrimage, once with the charity HCPT and once with Leeds
Diocese. I found that both these experiences broadened my horizons and helped me to appreciate
the difficulties that people can face.
In my spare time I am an avid reader and I enjoy historical fiction and fantasy. I also enjoy
non-fiction and I am a big fan of the factual website Listverse. I also write fiction and am a
member of a creative writing website. I took part in a six-week kayaking course which I
thoroughly enjoyed and would be interested in pursuing further. I have been skiing twice with
my high school and obtained my bronze and silver awards.
By studying this course I will be able to expand my knowledge of ancient cultures and their
history and learn how they worked. I will also be able to develop my skills in analysis and
critical thinking which will put me in a good position for employment, having flexible skills
and the ability to apply them to different situations. My goal is to learn more about
discoveries of ancient cultures and even play a part in unearthing these.

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This personal statement was written by abbywarwick for application in 2012.

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The University of Durham
The University of Liverpool
The University of Manchester
The University of York
University of Leicester

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I have applied to Durham, Liverpool, Manchester, York and Leicester. The highest grades wanted were AAB and the lowest BBB. I am predicted 3 A's. Studying Classics, Film Studies and English Language. Classics isn't on the list of subjects on here so I thought I should mention it.


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