Ancient History & Egyptology Personal Statement

For me, History has always been a forerunner when it comes to choosing a degree at university. From an early age I have always enjoyed learning about the past and how some key events like the Battle of Britain and 9/11, have shaped our future. Not only is History an intellectually stimulating subject, but it is also a window into another world of culture.

Throughout my life I have had the privilege to experience difference cultures, from the souks of Marrakech, to the run down, poverty ridden streets of Moron in Cuba- experiencing new cultures is something that not only interests, but exhilarates me too.

It was at the British Museum that I fell in love with the Ancient world when in year 4 a school trip took me through the Ancient Egyptian exhibition. The Rosetta Stone was the ancient artefact that really had an impact on my decision to study a History based course at University.

I have always loved language, French, German, Italian and Spanish have all factored into my studies at some point in my school career, and the thought that the Rosetta Stone was a significant find that enabled people to decipher many Ancient languages was amazing to me.

I currently attend one of the best schools in the U.S.A, which has provided me with the opportunity to study more intellectually challenging A.P’s; European History, English Literature, English Language, Psychology and Studio Art, subjects that not only interest me but find a way to relate to one another.

Studying 5 A.P’s over the course of 2 years has given me better time management and the ability to construct my own opinion and voice it. I am a very motivated person and I am willing to work hard to achieve what I want.

I recently entered a writing contest, which I was chosen as one of the finalists out of thousands of people, in which I wrote about starting a new school after moving from London, England to Virginia, U.S.A. For my High School Diploma I intend to attain the Civic Seal, a prestigious seal that shows a student’s dedication to History and community service.

This is my first, REALLY rough draft of my personal statement.. It's not finished and I have no idea what I'm doing so any comments would be gratefully appreciated! HELP!
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Looking forward to reading more. Great article. Great.

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