Aerospace Engineering Personal Statement Example 18

The aerospace industry is at the forefront of innovation, pushing the boundaries of technological advancement at an exponential rate. The design and manufacture of craft that can defy the limits of our world, or go beyond the decree of nature, is arguably the pinnacle of engineering in the world today.

This fascinates me. I have always sought to further my knowledge and understanding of how and why things work; to challenge the restraints of both modern pioneering and myself. I endeavour to drive myself forward and your university will be the one that challenges me most.

I am determined to sharpen and develop my ability for solving mathematical and physical problems; to solidify a sound understanding of fundamental principles. I am competitive with a real ambition to excel, contributing analytical skills, creativity and logic to problem solving.

My interest in aerospace was heightened when I spent a week with BAE Systems for work experience, an excellent opportunity giving me an insight into the engineering industry and invaluable background knowledge. As team leader on the winning presentation to senior management for our Young Enterprise Scheme, I received recognition for my leadership qualities.

I aim to achieve Chartered Engineer status, a recognised professional level to enhance my vocational prospects and provide me with the basis for both career and ongoing individual development.

Living in two different parts of the world has given me the ability to adapt to any situation, and studying Biology and Psychology has given me a wider understanding of current issues and the natural world. Alongside my schoolwork I am working towards an expedition to Mongolia with World Challenge in 2012; refining essential life skills such as teamwork, commitment and planning.

This requires me to save GBP4000 which I am raising independently through fundraising events and a part time job at a motorway service station; teaching me soft skills such as time management, communicating with a diverse range of people and applying my mathematical and lateral thinking to tasks in a workplace.

My enthusiasm for driving led me to work towards membership of the Institute of Advanced Motorists, exercising my perception and judgement. These extra-curricular commitments, together with the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, Combined Cadet Force and Karate, demonstrate I can co-operate effectively and balance my time between work and leisure.

My time in the Cadets gave me experience in sailing, kayaking and weapons training, all of which have their roots in fluid dynamics which captivates me.

I have innate technical understanding, developed a working website for my Karate club allowing the instructor to save time on administration, taught myself Microsoft Access to enhance a school project, and have had valuable experience with 3D modelling through CAD/CAM/CFD training.

I have dedicated time to improving my engineering knowledge, and taken the initiative in grabbing any opportunity to nurture my skills and ambition. I aspire to follow in the footsteps of Adrian Newey, and am eagerly taking part in the F1 in Schools Competition to progress my understanding of aerodynamics and educate me about the complexities of this field.

I felt motivated to put myself forward after viewing the documentary series Engineering Connections, specifically about Formula One.

The delicacies in balancing drag with downforce to maximise performance around a track invigorated me, and I am intrigued by how engineers use ideas from the past to inspire solutions to modern problems.

These connections were augmented through reading flagship magazines, and topical literature such as 'The Gecko's Foot' which was of particular interest; I found the inspirations from nature itself to be remarkable.

University will provide me with a further sense of independence and discipline, a foundation for further post graduate study and the confidence and knowledge to secure the future I wish to achieve.

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This personal statement was written by Matt0809 for application in 2012.

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University of Southampton
University of Bath
University of Bristol
Loughborough University
University of Surrey

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Aeronautics and Astronautics at University of Southampton


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Very well done and thought

Very well done and thought out!

If I was the Headteacher of any university I would definitely accept you.

I also like how you have been involved in many other activities like DoE

Very well done to you!
I hope you get into the college you want.

I enjoyed reading this, well

I enjoyed reading this, well done! I hope you don't mind me asking what your AS grades were like?

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