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I want to study accountancy because in it I’ve finally found a subject that lets my love of maths shine. Over the last year and a half, I have been studying introductory accounting and business at my local college and it has opened up my perspective on career aspirations in the field, especially with ties to industries that I had interest in beforehand, such as technology production and scientific research.

Over the course of my diploma the most enjoyable for me has been topics with the financial accounting sector. One of these is understanding the system of bookkeeping and all the transactions involved in a business’ lifetime. The layout of figure input is completely methodical with no room for illogical placement, which gives it clear links to where my affinity of maths stems. Similar to this, I also greatly enjoyed learning how to input these same figures into SAGE accounting software, as it allows for the same following of basic rules, along with catering to my natural aptitude for using computer interfaces. In lieu of the cap on UCAS points available for my current course, I believe I have a clear aptitude for the course that cannot be summarised in the points system.

When searching for possible career paths I could potentially explore I have been drawn to chartered accounting and forensic accounting in particular. The lure of chartered was that it encompasses all the sections and topics that I have already covered and greatly enjoyed, with its main duties being the oversight of bookkeeping transactions, with a steady familiar workflow that caters to my preferred work environment. Forensic accounting, however, is similar to the auditing route as it follows documentation trails to find incorrect figures, while focusing more on specific companies that are in the midst of prosecution, where evidence is needed for the case.

Another key aspect of accounting that initially sparked my attention is its versatility around the world, and the potential to flourish regardless of geographical placement. With this course being held to an international standard, as well as the opportunities I will likely have access to when I start on my course, I have the freedom and accessibility to travel and explore. As well as this, there are a plethora of sectors that I would have access to, in their finance department, allowing for enough job possibilities for me to find one I can see myself in permanently.

While on my Level 2 qualification, covid made completing conventional work experience impossible, meaning I instead had to partake in an online course with Nearpod. With this change from an in-person placement I was able to gain skills that wouldn’t be so accessible in a traditional office environment. For example, as it wasn’t specific to accounting, we had access to a range of speakers and resources that aided the expansion of our transferable skills repertoire, as well as allowing us to gain valuable experience with working remotely, much like a significant portion of the academic year. This year I hope to secure work experience in an office in order to fill in the gaps that online learning cannot fill.

In my free time, I prefer to spend my hours in my own company. Much of the few spare minutes I can find in the day are filled with playing various word and number games, as well as methodical and repetitive hobbies like knitting and baking, as they allow me escape from the stress of my life. I have also been working throughout the year in order to enhance my time management as I found it difficult to concentrate for most of my high school life.

I want to study this course because I get to learn about what keeps the world running, how to keep a business afloat, how to take care of myself so that I can get the most out of my life. I’m looking forward to life in a new place, with new people and a fresh perspective on what can become of my life. I'm excited to grow into someone I'm proud of while gaining new skills and knowledge along the way.

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