2019 US Medical School Rankings

Medical School rankings are one way of assessing which programs you might wish to apply to.

However, the rankings you take into account depend on whether you are interested in programs with a curriculum focus on research, or on primary care. Find out more in our Choosing A Medical School guide.

USnews.com lists the best 10 medical schools for research in 2019 as the following:

1. Harvard University

2. Johns Hopkins University

3. New York University (Langone) / Stanford University

5.  University of California, San Francisco

6.  University of Pennsylvania / Mayo Clinic School Of Medicine

8.  Washington University, St Louis / University of California, Los Angeles

10. Duke University

These rankings are based on data collected on a range of factors, including faculty-to-student ratio, student selectivity, and acceptance rate.

Further information on tuition fees, enrollment numbers, average MCAT scores and more can be found at U.S News Best Medical Schools for Research.

For primary care, U.S News lists the following as the best 10 medical schools in 2019:

1. University of North Carolina

2. University of California, San Francisco

3. University of Washington, Seattle

4. University of California

5. Baylor College of MedicineOregon Health and Science University

7. University of Michigan

8. University of Pennsylvania

9. University of Colorado

10. University of California

Again, further information can be found at U.S New Best Medical Schools for Primary Care.

While medical school rankings can be a useful tool in guiding your program choices, they should be used in conjunction with other factors such as location, facilities, curriculum and funding when making your final decisions. See our Choosing A Medical School guide for more advice.

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