Medical School Personal Statements

Our medical school personal statement examples will inspire you to write your own unique statement.

Example 1

I come from a family of healers. I remember spending nights with my grandmother as a little girl when my mother had to work late shifts as a nurse. Nanna was a doula and raw foodist who studied homeopathy and the healing arts before these things were cool. She did yoga on the shag rug in the living room, and when I got sick, she’d boil a batch of garlic or ginger tea or sersi (which would smell up the whole kitchen) from the bush she kept in the backyard. Read more >>

Example 2

It is with great excitement that I submit my application for consideration for inclusion in the 2021 graduating class from Wellmann Medical College. My parents met at Wellman, so the institution, its values, and all that it means to be an alum of the college have been a part of my identity my entire life. Though I was never forced to choose medicine as my path, the fact that both of my parents are physicians (my father is a pediatric oncologist and my mother is an internist) meant that medicine was always the example I had laid before me growing up. Read more >>

Example 3

I grew up poor on the Southside of Chicago in a neighborhood called Roseland. I was raised by my single mother along with my two brothers in a community comprised mostly of low income black and Hispanic households. I am the oldest, so I always felt a special sense of responsibility to blaze a trail for my siblings. I wanted them to know that they could know more and be more and have more than our parents and those that we saw in the course of our daily lives did. In order to do this I knew I had a steep hill to climb. Read more >>

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