Should You Go To Law School?

Not sure if you should apply to law school? If you’re thinking about it, but still not 100% certain about taking the plunge, we outline the top reasons why undertaking studying to become a lawyer is a great idea!

1. You want to become a lawyer

Passion and enthusiasm for law is a great drive for many people that decide to apply to law school once they’ve completed their college degree.

Look at all different topics covered in law - are there any you would love to find out more about?

If there are, then law school can satisfy your intellectual curiosity, while allowing you to gain another qualification.

If you’re at all unsure about becoming a lawyer, now is a good time to find more about what the profession entails - what different types of lawyer are there? what does a typical day or week involve? what hours are you expected to work? If it seems like a career you would enjoy, then law school is probably a good choice for you.

2. Personal development

Attending law  school is about more than just getting a few more letters after your name and another qualification under your belt.

You’ll gain new knowledge and skills, overcome challenges, and learn to push yourself mentally.

This will prove invaluable on your resume to potential employers when you leave and start looking for lawyer vacancies.

Once you have found suitable employment, you will find that being a lawyer is a demanding profession, with frequent developments in the field.

So if you’re determined, focused and ambitious, this may well be the next step for you.

3. Increase your financial prospects

Law school graduates can generally expect to earn over $100,000 once they have been practicing law for a number of years, with starting salaries in the $40,000 to $65,000 range (possibly higher if you bag a place at one of the largest firms in the States).

Over a lifetime, this is a huge financial gain compared to those seeking work without a graduate degree, and the U.S is currently experiencing the highest job offer rate (93%) for law graduates over the past 20 years.

So try not to worry about finding employment once you graduate, as things are now certainly looking up for law firms.

4. International recognition

Your law school qualification is also a ticket to working anywhere in the world, as it will be recognised around the world by potential employers.

This is particularly important to those who are international students, or wish to work overseas once they have completed their law studies.

5. Follow your dream

Over recent years, law schools have seen a fall in their applicant numbers. This means universities have either had to reduce their class sizes (improving the quality of the attention you will receive) or lower their admission standards.

This also means you are more likely to be offered a place, as schools compete fiercely for good students, and increases your chances of being given a scholarship, too.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to apply to law school, don’t just go because you feel there is nothing else to do, or no suitable alternative. The application alone is a challenging, time-consuming process, including writing a unique personal statement.

Similarly, don’t apply because a family member (or someone else) wants you to.

Law school comes with an eye-watering price tag, and it would be pointless to waste time and money over the next three years studying for a career you’re not really interested in.

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