Law School Personal Statement Examples

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Example 1

When my mother, a native of Michoacan, Mexico, was 28 weeks pregnant with me, she took a trip to visit relatives in Carpinteria, California and stayed long enough to give birth so that I would be a US citizen. I didn’t even know I was a US citizen until I was 10 years old when my parents announced we were moving to the US where my father had secured a job working with a cousin of his in construction. My mother assured me that my two sisters and I would be ok because “we had our papers” and that life in California would be much better for us all. Life had been tough in Mexico, but it was home. It was all I knew. I saw the toll that joblessness and underemployment took on my father and my parents’ relationship. Read more >>

Example 2

Both of my parents are attorneys and alumni of Lawman University. I always joke that “I grew up in law school”. Lawman was where I would come and do my homework after school on nights when my father, a professor of Intellectual Property at Lawman, had to teach a late class. I remember eating in the cafeteria and exploring the grounds for hours with my brother in the summertime, playing hide and go seek in the court room, and attending holiday receptions in the Great Hall. My father hosts the Black Law Student Association (BLSA) picnic at our family’s home every year, and it was always fun prepping hot dogs for the grill, making baked beans, and decorating for the occasion. My mother is a bankruptcy attorney, so her work was never as sexy as my father’s. Read more >>

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