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I had high expectations before i arrived into exeter, and well it did not fail me the university is awesome the campus the atmosphere the lecturers and basically everything.
Yes there is a large number of asians here but they r not too bad and once u get to know them they r fun too, and another advice is do your research well before arriving into Exeter or rather UK itself because its not like India where everything will be spoon fed to you there is a lot of self study to do plus the masters course is typically a 2 year course which is 1 year in uk hence it gets more intensive.
Accommodation is pretty expensive no doubt, but still better than London and research ur accommodation well else u can end up in a broom closet like the old lafrowda blocks or end up in birks grange which is pretty great but the only down part of it is "CARDIAC HILL" (ITS A NIGHTMARE TRUST ME)
and social life is good too with a few clubs and pubs.
Ppl r quite friendly i have not had a single bad experience.
and finally about the city as a whole i would love to spend the rest of my life in Exeter its a small town with a mild climate and friendly people and safe as it is one of the most patrolled towns

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