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The inequalities between gender, class and ethnicity have captivated me greatly for years and studying sociology has allowed my interest to grow. Understanding the relationship between peoples’ demographics and social institutions is fundamental to understanding the way society functions. As sociology is such a diverse subject, expanding my study to further education is an exciting prospect that will allow me to develop my knowledge of classic and contemporary theories in order to progress my view of society.

Prior to studying sociology, I had a limited perception of the world and I was naïve to the complexity of society. Studying sociology and my complimenting other A-Level options has altered my way of thinking and equipped me with analytical, evaluation and interpretation skills that I can apply to everyday issues.

I have used these skills to review contemporary issues such as the current events in Ferguson USA. I have linked aspects of Durkheim’s theory which states that a positive function of crime is to promote social solidarity to the case. The murder of Michael Brown; an innocent black male shot by a police officer, has provided an example for the theory as many black citizens of Ferguson have been united in protest against institutional racism.

Enjoying the sociology of education at AS level led me to research further and find Johnathan Kozol’s study of Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools. This allowed me to expand my knowledge, reinforce my interest and further spark my curiosity to explore attitudes towards the bourgeoisie and the effects it has on the working class.

As a mentor to AS sociology students, I support them in their understanding of the course and design revision materials for them. I have also worked with the sociology staff to organise a trip to an independent school allowing students to apply their knowledge of the sociology of education to a new setting. I have also participated in a visit to The House Of Commons which gave me an insight into social policy and legislation within the UK. This has strengthened my belief that sociology is the subject that I want to explore further and also developed my communication skills that will be vital in voicing my opinion on sociological matters.

Globalisation and Marxism are areas that I have a particular interest in and when discussing them, often find they are the most applicable to real life. A placement at a family owned business gave me the opportunity to witness Engels’ theory of property inheritance first hand. This has inspired me to study sociology at degree level so that I can develop my understanding as to why these inequalities persist to exist.

I possess the motivational and analytical skills required for independent study demonstrated through my A-Level subjects and my Extended Project Qualification. The aim of my project is to analyse historical inaccuracies in media portrayals of The Titanic which I believe has given me transferable skills suitable for independent research.

In addition to experience gained in education, I have secured a variety of skills through National Citizen Service. NCS provided me with the opportunity to lead a community campaign which not only improved my organisation and time management skills but my leadership qualities also.

A Speakers Trust Workshop provided by NCS has improved my public speaking, giving me the confidence to represent my school as a senior ambassador. I impressed the senior leadership team with my ideas for the school and as a result, I am now leading a team of people to implement a mentoring system within school. Doing so has enriched my skills that allow me to develop my own ideas by others contributing to them- a skill that is vital in sociological discussions.

Carrying on my study in sociology is an exciting prospect and I consider myself to be a motivated student that is equipped for the challenges and experience that a degree would bring.

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