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have chosen to apply to study Sociology at Goldsmiths as I have always been passionately interested in the structure of society and how society influences our actions, as these issues are relevant to everyone in daily life. Sociology is a subject that affects us all on a personal level and I believe it is integral to understanding the political and cultural issues in our world. The thing that most draws me to Sociology is that it teaches there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to how people live together. What is most imperative for a sociologist is the ability to evaluate evidence, choose between possible explanations and make the appropriate arguments. In particular, I am interested in the perception that capitalism has been used to create an 'ideal' state - I would like to explore how alternative political models would look in the UK.

Through GCSE Sociology and personal studies I have considered the impact on society of the class system and neoliberal philosophies. I understand that there are many different realities in society and ensure I read a range of publications in order to obtain a balanced, rounded view of current affairs and pertinent societal issues. For example, I regularly read The Socialist, The Guardian and National Geographic. As a result of my readings, I became involved in the G20 protest rallies, Youth Right for Jobs march (in Scotland) and Free Palestine demonstrations. Taking part in these activities has given me an insight to the pros and cons of the various arguments, which I believe is an important ability for academia and in particular Sociology.

I enjoy travelling and involving myself in other people's cultures. Having been to places as diverse as Somalia (where I am originally from), Egypt and New York, I have seen first hand the difference in opportunities and freedoms a few hours on a plane can offer. I believe my travel experiences have given me an informal education of great value, and developed me in ways I never thought possible. I have matured beyond my own imagination and consider myself ready to settle back into education.

As a care leaver, I have needed to be self-reliant and independent from a young age. I believe my experiences can positively enhance my approach to university and studies as I have learnt to persevere when times are hard, compromise where necessary and be my strongest advocate. Since leaving care I have worked to support myself and my travels in a variety of positions, including tutoring and charity fund raising. I regularly tutor a 10 year old primary student in Key Stage 2 maths in preparation for Standard Assessment Tests and have supported Friends of the Earth and MIND through street fundraising. This has not only improved my ability to communicate at all levels but has also helped me to become more resourceful.

At Goldsmiths I hope to participate in the music society and feel I could bring many positive ideas - I am interested in running for a society position. Throughout secondary school I was part of an orchestra and excelled to Grade 7 in the tenor recorder. I am keen to rekindle my interest in music and look forward to participating with like-minded students. I enjoy exploring new places and regularly take trips around the UK with friends to attend concerts. I have a particular love of discovering unsigned bands as I take pleasure from musical diversity, especially in intimate settings.

I realise returning to education will be a challenge and will require sacrifices. I am willing to make those sacrifices and intend to meet the challenges of university life. I feel extremely motivated by the possibility of studying at Goldsmiths and am intensely focused on the task at hand. On completion of the Access program I will progress to a Sociology degree and would relish the opportunity to continue to Higher Education at Goldsmiths.

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This personal statement was written by ashaayana for application in 2009.

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I should probably say that actually Im using this to apply for a foundation access course at uni, not a straight degree. The personal statement criteria is pretty much the same, just not as strict with characters and lines =D

Ive tried to be as honest as possiable as I dont belive in pretending the sun shines out of my ....

Any comments/ critique is welcomed. But no "this is shit" That doesnt help :(


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I personally thought that this personal statement was average. I sincerly doubt you were "passionate" about sociology from the beginning. Thats one thing our teachers told us NOT to do. Apart from that its an okay personal statement. Thanks for Sharing.

This is really good! I liked

This is really good! I liked how un-generic it was, id like to think that unis nowdays look to the statement writers individuality & personality instead of it all being academic and 'how many A*s that you got can you list in 42 lines'

Hope you got in :)

so, where you offered a place

so, where you offered a place?

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