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I have always been passionately interested in society's influence on our actions and the structure of society, as these issues are relevant to everyone in everyday life, and Sociology is therefore a subject that affects me on a personal level. I have been able to explore the structure of society and the role of the individual more deeply and rigorously through my Sociology A-level course, which I love studying, and reading more about in the 'Sociology Review', in newspapers, sociological literature such as 'Street Corner Society and by watching 'Newsnight'. It is a subject that has broadened my horizons, and made me question the ways in which I view society, particularly in terms of whether there is class conflict between the bourgeoisie and proletariat or a consensus in society, in the key debate between Functionalism and Marxism. I am extremely intrigued by studying and debating sociological and political perspectives and ideologies, and particularly enjoy researching and evaluating key sociological issues through the essays we write in class

I enjoy travelling, and have visited the vastly different cultures of Egypt, Crete, Florida and France. Through this I have become aware of social injustices in the world. This is why I have decided to join Voluntary Services Oversees for my Gap Year Project. Taking a year out will help me develop on a personal level, and enable me to develop my interpersonal skills and my communication skills, which are very important. In addition, developing these skills, I conducted work experience at a solicitor's office, where I was found to be 'extremely helpful, adaptable, and a joy have to have in the office'. I enjoy working with children, and I have volunteered at a local Primary School for three weeks last year, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I baby-sit regularly. I love charities, and one of my biggest projects will be next year when I run the Flora London Marathon in Easter 2003

Another one of my passions is also music. I have taken part in many musicals, for example, taking the lead role in "Fame," and I am grade 8 standard on the violin, hoping to take a diploma next year

Other activities that fill my free time include reading, particularly modern novels - my favourite authors being Jeanette Winterson and Ian McEwan, due to Winterson's abstract and thought-provoking style, as well as her interesting ideals of a world where imagination, freedom and creativity are vital, where McEwan's fascinating novels study the psychology of the intricately created characters. Other activities that fill my spare time include a range of sports. I play football for Peterborough United under-19's, I regularly play golf to a handicap of 3, and I also play hockey for the school team

Most of all, by studying sociology at university I hope to gain a more tolerant attitude to the people around me, and understand better the dynamics of society.

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hey what unis did you apply

hey what unis did you apply to?

This guy has

hey thats a fab personal

hey thats a fab personal statement. did all of the universities get back 2 u?

you have inspired me to write

you have inspired me to write mine

lovely but the last line

lovely but the last line crakced it for me - 'hope to gain a more tolerant attitude towards people'?? Makes you sound like you find people intolerable - the last thing I would expect from a sociologist!!

not good

not good

this is the best personal

this is the best personal statement i have ever read you are bloody brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I have always been

"I have always been passionately interested..." This is a very common opening which the admissions officer will notice straight away, thus the person reading it will continue with a negative attitude. But overall i would say this was a good attempt. But i believe with this content, you could have done better. But well done :)

billy bull****

billy bull****

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