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My interest in sociology stems from my desire to better understand people and the human condition; I wish to apply my own experiences to my intellectual work. As I became aware of the multi-faceted nature of societal issues, I came to strongly believe in solving problems by addressing its core cause(s). That combined with my desire to be of service to the greater community led me to pursue the study of sociology. By earning a sociology degree, I hope to set a foundation for research work and gain the experience necessary to have a career in NGO management.

Studying in the United Kingdom will expand my opportunities for success by giving me access to world-renowned schools and accomplished professors. Furthermore, studying abroad is the natural choice for me as I have learned English since I was young and have attended an international school throughout my career as a student. As such, I was able to score an 8.0 on my IELTS exam. A change in environment would be valuable in my studies as it would enrich my perspective through exposure to a different society.

I developed my critical thinking skills through courses in mathematics and computer science which will aid me in brainstorming solutions for complex societal issues. I also became familiar working with quantitative data which I will further advance in my next semester’s class Statistics and Probability. Moreover, I won the School Champion award for the Galois Contest and challenged myself by taking AP Calculus AB this school year.

My science courses, especially AP Biology, have taught me to approach information with a rational and scientific mindset like that used to study Sociology. As a result, I understand the importance of being aware of and minimising bias.

I learned the most relevant skills from my English and history courses. I have developed my analytical and written communication skills from courses such as AP World History and AP English Literature and Composition. For instance, I drew connections between the effects of the World Wars and its influence on the United States’ society. This connection then provided context and a better understanding of the modernist literature I studied in AP Literature. I also frequently wrote analysis essays, improving my essay writing techniques. Likewise, I read extensive texts and am better able to synthesize read information. I scored a 5 on my AP World History exam and have earned an Academic Award for every English course I have taken.

Outside of academics, I have actively participated in various extracurriculars. In 9th grade, I was invited to join the National Junior Honor society and transitioned into the National Honor Society and the National Art Honor Society in 10th grade. Starting in 11th grade, I have assumed roles as a board member in both societies and am now the President of NHS and the Secretary of NAHS. By organizing service projects for honor societies, I gained experience useful for my intended career. More importantly, I have cultivated leadership skills and learned to work in collaboration. I’ve also worked as the Marketing and Promotions Manager for a Book Drive and as the Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook. As a result, I was awarded with the ASU High School Leader Award in 2018.

I have participated in debate club as well as a few Model United Nations since 10th grade. I expanded my capacity to skillfully debate and discuss, a skill necessary for Sociology due to its broad and somewhat subjective nature. At the Bogd Khan Winter Palace Museum, I volunteered by assisting with administrative work and serving as a tour guide and got a taste of work experience.

Once I started considering sociology as a major, I watched several social documentaries and series such as “Minimalism” which offered an insight into the negative effects of capitalism on our society and its applications to my own personal life. In my spare time, I enjoy reading fictional and philosophical texts such as “The Bell Jar” and “The Myth of Sisyphus” as well as making art.

My choice to study sociology is motivated by my ambitions to be in a position to positively impact society. With an open-minded and inquisitive attitude, I hope my academic success and community involvement reflects my capability for success at your school.

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