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There are very few things that are as interesting yet as confusing as the unique enigma that is the human brain. Our diverse behaviours and our intricate personalities that make us who we are must have a cause.

I initially developed an interest in cognitive neuropsychology as I learned more about my mother's job as a mental health nurse; mainly about the behaviour and interactions of Alzheimer's sufferers.

Being a fraternal twin, I grew up with my brother in the same environment, yet our personalities are now very different. Questions filled my head about what could be the cause of these differences.

My involvement in the "Twins Early Development Study" has made me appreciative of quantitative and qualitative data in practicals, as well as noticing the adding to my desire to find out more.

I aspire to use this degree to work as a clinical psychologist, especially within research methods used to understand the relationships between fraternal twins, diabetes, which I have had for 17 years.

My higher educational studies have given me a strong basis for a degree level qualification. Studying Psychology has given me relevant knowledge in using theories and studies as well as having the ability to plan appropriate practical tests.

I am eager to explore in greater depth and detail about social and neuropsychology as I am extremely interested in how we are all subtly unique. Initially, I became engrossed within neuropsychology when I read the works of Oliver Sacks, namely 'The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat'.

The 'characters' within this book were each equally enthralling; each revealing unique stories and emotions, which I hope to encounter in a future career. My innate analytical abilities have been enhanced whilst being immersed within my historical studies.

I can evaluate and link evidence, as well as having the ability to infer and use appropriate sources to strengthen my argument. These skills would allow me to highlight relevant studies and theories to make a conclusion at degree level.

Studying and developing knowledge in ICT has allowed me to research topics successfully and efficiently, as well as being aware of the effects ICT can have on people's minds. This invaluable experience will aid me when using computer programs such as 'Statistical Package for Social Sciences' for data analysis for my own practicals.

Throughout sixth form I have continued to develop and improve my confidence; so much so I was chosen to represent the school at a national IT conference with some key speakers from around the world. I joined the house leadership team at my school.

My amicable, outgoing nature has given younger students the opportunity to consult me with ease and I have led a variety of team building exercises, allowing friendships to be built.

My placement at a local primary school has given me the opportunity to encounter younger students; assisting them with their learning and seeing which methods of learning were productive, as well as gaining invaluable experience in how external factors have a huge influence on how these children develop.

My mathematical skills were enhanced in my placement at a local estate agent; dealing with figures and interacting with customers gave me an insight to the skills needed in a working environment.

We are a social species and, for me, my involvement in sports was a great outlet. I have shown commitment whilst playing for a local football team, where I did not miss a game in a season.

I stayed because I enjoyed the social aspects and I am determined to do everything to the highest standard, as I aim to transfer this positive attitude to my studies.

I am competent enough to work by myself; competing for Staffordshire Athletics proves this as I partook in various single events.

My involvement within Science and Art based subjects, as well as invaluable experiences that I have been subjected to will support me in my studies for an advanced degree, which I am eager to begin.

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