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Thousands have tried to make their personal statement, witty and exciting, but have failed to make the grade.

Again and again admissions tutors have bowed their heads in disappointment in not finding that special something needed to make it different from everyone else's. But there will be one, just one who will stand out from the crowd; one personal statement will be so amazing and spectacular that all the universities across the land will want this person in their university.

As Thomas Edison said "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." But even Thomas Edison made fantastic discoveries, which changed his life and this world forever, and by reading this personal statement you are doing the same.

Having thoroughly enjoyed the study of Music, Law and Psychology, I have decided to study Psychology at university.

My interests in this subject first came about when I achieved my first work experience in a primary school, and also doing other work experiences in holiday clubs. I then decided to do Psychology as an AS level in my 2nd year of A levels, so I can broaden my knowledge of the subject and confirm that Psychology was the right degree to study at university.

Since studying Psychology at greater depth at AS level, I have gained a much greater understanding in which Psychology affects human society.

Our expanding knowledge of Psychology has given us insight into the ways in which we live, work and socialise in the modern world. Psychologists to date have given us answers about the human mind, which have influenced us in the way we present ourselves in human society, in which I consider it to be truly the "social science of society".

I keep myself aware of all the developments in Psychology and particularly child Psychology, by reading such publications as Psychology Review, which looks at demystifying Psychology, Psychologists experiments and updates on their research and an exam column for help with exam techniques, as well as using the Internet to broaden my knowledge of the subject.

Over the years I have been involved in a range of different work experiences. The first placement I was involved in was in 2000, where I was working in a reception class at Kingsley Primary School for 2 weeks.

I had various responsibilities where I had to supervise a group of 3-5 children whilst they participated in various activities such as Snakes and Ladders, which teaches them about Maths, being 1st 2nd and 3rd in the game. I had to supervise in other year group activities such as assembly, break and lunch times.

I also helped the teacher set up the classroom in the morning and at the end of lunch to get ready for the morning and afternoons activities.

It was a very rewarding experience and through it I gained valuable skills, I learned to be more patient and more creative, also learning to organise and handle a group of 4-5 year olds (which is not an easy task!)

Currently I have a part-time job at a busy supermarket, which has enabled me to work and deal with a diverse range of people and it also gives me some financial independence.

At college I am a member of the schools music committee and I'm a member of the multi-cultural committee.

Within these roles I have to help co-ordinate, the "international evening with the mayor" which is an evening of music, dance, history and drama from around the world, as well as putting on different events on throughout the year.

In the music committee, I am the sixth-form assistant, in which I help co-ordinate junior orchestra. I also play the flute so I also perform in a number of concerts and soirees such as, the Christmas concert and the joint concert with the John Fisher Choir, which is also performed at Fairfield Halls.

I find these roles to be extremely rewarding as they develop my teamwork and interpersonal skills as well as demonstrating my ability to handle responsibility.

Outside of college I like to keep fit by cycling everyday after college. I also belong to a youth group in which we do various exciting activities such as bowling and going on camping weekends.

Some people dream of worthy accomplishments, whilst others stay awake and achieve them. “

You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'” George Bernard Shaw. It is with this determination to succeed and a keen interest in the subject that I approach this degree.

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The first paragraph is

The first paragraph is definately unusual but not in a good way...but who knows when it comes to admissions :)


i hope you got rejected from all your university choices.

any publicity is good

any publicity is good publicity! this guy has done exactly what he set out to do by making people sit up and take notice! its not just another personal statement. there is a whack, opening paragraph in the opening paragraph that makes you think, "hold on a minute, this is different!". some might say good different, others would say bad different. but it is different nonetheless. i've been inspired by it as it certainly made me think, 'there is a different psychology in this writers head.' i would invite this guy for an intereview!!

There is NO benefit (and in

There is NO benefit (and in fact will almost certainly count against you) in putting down any other candidates, and it is a complete waste of space. Quotes are best avoided too. The one area that starts off well is the bit about the extra reading, but it is not expanded on at all. This is a key way of really showing your interest in the course, and the applicant fails to utilise it!


hey i was reading this for some ideas for my PS i thought the beginning was really amazing, just out of curiosity did u actually get into the unis of your choice? hope you did... BRAVO!:)


Isnt it amazing how the comments that praise this piece of ... , well lets face it, utter trollop, all have similar writing styles and frequently used words. This whole PS was a load of BS and furthermore i relish in the fact that this student (if one would go that far) most likely did not receive any offers and who would. Pompous, arrogant and quite frankly a waste of good writing space.


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Jump into my car.

Jump into my car.

Not very good

Not very good. Poor english throughout which completely undermines the first paragraph. Far too arrogant.


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The opening doesn't even sound like a personal statement, it sounds like you enjoy mocking other candidates. The quotes are not needed, they don't show how much you know, they show how many ideas you can steal. The final paragraph sounds too much like a motivational speech not a personal statement, it looks like you are trying to engage the reader too much, like a book. A really... really.... boring book.


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