PPE/Politics and Economics Personal Statement Example 2

Having British Indian parents made me see beyond racial differences, but living in a world of inequality and prejudice made me take a deep interest in the root causes. I discovered arguments of socio-economic divisions and discrimination that dated back to the British Empire which was a victorious time for Britain's power and politics but fundamental in creating cracks in egalitarianism. The fascinating component of the British Empire increased my passion in political history and underlined that understanding politics is integral in our world today.

Studying Welfare Economics allowed me to explore economics. I found the relationship between wealth and happiness fascinating and I developed my interest through the course 'Global Prosperity Beyond GDP'. This focused on the democratic deficit, sites of exemplification and consumption habits. The dilemma of growth underlined the unsustainability of economies where materialism has become a major social need. This was intriguing considering I believed economic success caused positive well-being and security but what I discovered was, the more people possess the less they prosper. I found Kate Raworth's 'The Doughnut' model stimulating because the concept that humanity's needs should be met within the means of the planet debates our mass consumerism society.

I also read 'The Economist' and whilst reading articles regarding the Grenfell tower disaster, I became fascinated by how one of the UK's most modern disasters occurred. At the UCL open day, I realised this infrastructural oversight stressed a high level of income inequality, particularly in Kensington. Validating huge social divisions and potentially displaying Kensington as a microcosm for the faults in the society. As an advocate for equality, it is distressing there is a disregard for certain societies based on their wealth. This reiterates the necessity of understanding today's fast-paced and complex economy. Being in the midst of a Brexit deal and war breaking out between Syria and Turkey the dynamics of international economies are ever-changing.

My thought-provoking Geography A level study of Government accountability and transparency stressed the negligence of unethical organisations causing economic turmoil. I researched Haiti's corrupt Government after the 2010 earthquake to identify the 230,000-death toll was caused by immorality and money-driven politicians altering my perceptions of trust in the justice system. My A level study of mathematics has developed my analytical problem-solving abilities and the logical rigour will be beneficial in the modules of econometrics. My reading of 'The Undercover Economist' underlined the truth behind economics and theories such as 'Diminishing returns' identify patterns of increased wealth and little reward. This alongside my A level study of business made me question the relationship between trade patterns and buying habits.

Additionally, within my sixth form, I am taking part in an expedition to Nepal for which I will fundraise. The expedition will consist of building wells, renovating schools, trekking and visiting the cultural hotspot Kathmandu. My appreciation of diverse cultures and languages has driven my ambition to aspire to volunteer abroad as part of an NGO after understanding the essential work of UNICEF and Khalsa Aid. I recognise the importance of charity and have previously donated my hair to the Little Princess Trust and volunteered at Saint John's Ambulance where I gained resuscitation skills. Furthermore, my other achievements of Bronze Duke of Edinburgh and Ambition Nottingham have increased my communication and teamwork skills.

I believe that the analytical and stimulating study of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics will give me a broad understanding of the world. I am a passionate and dedicated student who recognises the complex relationship between politics, the economy and scientific thought which are the most integral elements in our society.

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I have applied for PPE, Economics, Philosophy and Economics and Economics and Political Science courses all with this personal statement so it can be used for most economic applications.

I found writing my personal statement really difficult but reading other personal statements on economics helped me structure mine and realise what the universities were looking for. So I want to share my personal statemnet in case it helps anyone.


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