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Politics has played an increasingly significant part on my outlook of life. Since childhood, I have been interested in history, having been encouraged to learn by visiting museums; however, I soon began to gain an interest in political traditions and the conventions of the UK, and so the study of Politics became more absorbing.

Momentous events, such as the 2005 terrorist attacks in London, and more locally, the closing of the Rover car plant in Longbridge - a place I have close family ties - only helped to widen my interest in the subject, and led me to understand its importance together with the impact that all political decisions can have on our lives.

Now, Politics is certainly a subject that is too significant for me to overlook. My A Level studies have served to reinforce my commitment to the subject; helping me to expand my knowledge and broaden perception beyond my own socialist beliefs. In addition, as a result of studying Wyn Grant's theory on pressure groups, I was made aware of, and later joined, the Labour-affiliated think tank, Progress.

Also, through studying political theories in the first AS module I was able to expand upon my own political philosophy. This was also extended by reading the monumental 'The Future of Socialism' by Crosland and 'The Third Way' by Giddens, finding them invaluable in shaping my own political agenda.

I found it particularly interesting that, as Crosland demonstrates, the problems within the Labour Party of embracing a capitalist society in the late 1950s and early 1960s are still prevalent today, especially on the left of the party.

I have also attempted to understand more of our leaders' psychology and influences by reading biographies of Blair, Brown and Thatcher by Seddon, Bower and Sergeant, respectively. In some ways I feel that these are, at times, even more useful than those of political theorists, in that it by reading them it enables me to discover how their lives have influenced their political opinions, and possibly with them, our lives.

Furthermore, talks from local politicians and extra curricular visits to Westminster and the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff have been invaluable and stimulating experiences, particularly as they have allowed me to engage with the subject at a more sophisticated level.

I have been a member of the Labour Party since I was fifteen and by studying other theories on my A Level course, this has enabled me to confirm my political beliefs. In addition, I have involved myself with local politics of my local CLP, canvassing at elections and attending local meetings. I have a real passion for current affairs and I have ambitions to go into journalism after university; I feel that this area will give an invaluable insight of the society which I feel so passionately about.

When undertaking my degree I look forward to using the skills gathered from other subjects other than Politics: the investigative skills used in my AS Geography coursework will certainly come in useful when writing a dissertation; my proficiency in evaluating an argument - as I have used in Modern History - will be even more valuable.

Outside the sixth form, my interests are in music, football, literature and going out with friends. These serve to provide a healthy balance between my study and leisure. I have also had a part-time job in a local supermarket since August 2006. The job, I feel, shows my ability to be responsible, to balance priorities successfully and to work as part of a functional team.

By studying Politics I look forward to bolstering my knowledge of the subject, particularly in the areas of political theory and international politics. I am also excited at the possibility of contributing to university life, especially by engaging myself in debate whenever possible and contributing to the university newspaper. Meanwhile, I am studying as hard as possible to ensure optimum results.

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This personal statement was written by Bill Bones for application in 2008.

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Applied to LSE, Nottingham, Essex, York and Queen Mary to do Politics; got offers from York and Nottingham and got an interview at Essex, and awaiting response from the other two.


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this is really good, thanks you have helped me alot.

I rather like this personal

I rather like this personal statement. From what you have read it sounds like you are knowledgeable about your subject and clearly old a political view, though you do not push it too strongly. I think we would totally get on :) though incidentally, don't you have to be sixteen to join the Labour party?

sorry, I meant "hold" - wasn

sorry, I meant "hold" - wasn't putting on an accent. :D

no you don't have to be

no you don't have to be sixteen to join the labour party I joined at fourteen

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