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Since I began my A/S politics course, I have become aware of the power and the influence government and politics has throughout the democratic world. As a subject it has kept me gripped for the year I have been doing it and has already grabbed my attention this year. I have already seen that across the world there are little or no places that are not heavily influenced by politics. When we see world events such as acts of terrorism, it is impossible to overlook something as important as politics.

The subject area I am particularly interested in within Politics is International Relations with the topic of Europe being one that I find fascinating. What I find most intriguing about Europe and the European Union is the effect it has had upon the United Kingdom government without actually having massive political influence (with the exception of the E.U law introduced to the U.K constitution upon joining the union) because of Britain's reluctance to join the “Euro-zone”. I also believe that understanding International Relations is vital to every person as it forms the basis of the world we live in today and the subject constantly moves in accordance to changing political climate.

I have also enjoyed studying the UK and US political systems whilst studying A level government and politics. It has helped understand two of the most complex and influential political institutions in the world. Learning about democracy was something that particularly gripped me. I am a strong believer in forms of proportional election and believe that they are a key to maintaining democracy.

A strong belief of mine is that everybody should keep up to date with recent events in politics and to an extent take into account peoples different political ideologies. I keep up to date with recent political events and take in different political points of view by regularly buying a daily newspaper and purchasing a copy of a political commentary magazine such as the spectator on a regular basis. This enables me to see what is happening within the world of politics and to see what different people's opinions are on political and world issues. I have recently finished reading two political books that offered me an insight in to the lives of modern politicians. One was “Have I got views for you” by Conservative MP Boris Johnson, although the book has a rather tongue in cheek approach to politics; it still gives the reader a look “inside” the conservative party and the mind of a politician. Furthermore I have recently finished reading “The Blair Years: Extracts from the Alistair Campbell Diaries” by Alistair Campbell. This gave me an in-depth look at the running of the Labour Party during a time of change in not only the party itself but British Politics as well. The book particularly focuses heavily upon “Spin” in UK politics which is another of my favourite subject areas within Politics.

I have visited parliament on three occasions in the last year and have seen talks by Liberal Democrat MP, Lembit Opik, Respect MP, George Galloway and have also sat in the viewing gallery in the House of Commons for Prime Minister's question time at the beginning of Gordon Brown's term as prime minister. However, it has not been these talks that I have enjoyed most but a student-mp debate held between students from 3 different schools (mine included) and Jo Swinson MP, who is the youngest MP in UK parliament and had a lot of strong views on youth issues. Furthermore, the local MP for the constituency I live in (Charles Hendry MP), has visited the college I attend on two occasions in the last year. During these visits the A/S and A2 politics classes were given an hour talk with him about what ever issues we chose. I found this to be informative and gave me a good account of the Conservative Parties ideologies and policy. During my A/S course I also visited a Politics conference in London where seminars and lectures were held by MP's, Political commentators and members of highly influential pressure groups. This was a good experience for me to have as it gave me a chance to hear other young people's views on UK and European politics and hear people's different political thoughts on many pressing and key issues.

During my study of A/S politics I participated in two, Model United Nations General Assemblies (MUNGA), were I “represented” Ethiopia and Palestine. These days gave me a feel of what it is like in the United Nations and also boosted my political knowledge with facts on different countries political circumstances. I had to conduct research on the situations in both Ethiopia and Palestine and then as a group we had to “address” the assembly with our allocated countries political views and speak about the troubles both countries were having, Civil War in Ethiopia and War with Israel in Palestine. These days enabled me to talk to many different government and politics students within the south east. I found this to be helpful as it made me understand what other young people believe about the current system in the UK and the rest of the world and also gave me increased faith that young people in the country have strong political beliefs.
I believe the skills I have gained from the MUNGA's have given me practice in expressing political opinion both confidently and effectively and I look forward to using these communication skills at University. Furthermore, during my GCSE year I obtained a C grade at A/S level Critical Thinking which has helped me put across arguments coherently and intellectually.

Outside of College in enjoy an active social life and would definitely contribute to university life. Furthermore I currently work 11 hours a week in a supermarket as well as attending college full-time to study for my A levels. This has given me a sense of financial independence and helps me manage more independently as I approach an age were independence is key.

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not bad, good luck in your career!

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