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What has always fascinated me about politics is its impact within modern society, affecting nearly all parts our lives and environment. Since I was young, I was encouraged to engage in politics, and with my family coming from a background in public services, political debate was always a regular part of my life. Politics importance upon business, the environment, technology, welfare and many other parts of life fascinate me, and have driven me to research and understand the political climate within modern societies. Understanding politics is essential in the current divisive and volatile landscape, and will be a great asset to me in the future.

My studies have reflected my interest in politics, providing skills and information that have developed further within the subject. My government and politics A-Level gave me the opportunity to understand the framework and branches of government in detail, while also improving my analytical skills through consistent review of current events and challenging, independent assignments. My English Literature A-Level further strengthened my analytical skills, while also requiring detailed yet precise essays, forming a coherent argument and judgement. I have also had the opportunity within my gap year to work in the public transport sector full time for 5 months and have gained an appreciation of how policy implementation affects public services, seeing politics in action within the workplace was invigorating, and working with public transport required me to communicate and solve conflicts, while also needing to be very organised, a useful asset for a politics degree.

I have also a keen interest in debate and communication. My role within the debating society at my college combined with political participation has granted me useful skills required in a politics degree. In 2016 I was one of few students to interview the Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond, now the Chancellor of the Exchequer, while also representing my college at open evenings presenting the politics course to prospective students and parents while answering their questions. My A-Level Law course required debate and communication to deepen understanding and provide the communication abilities necessary for a politics degree. All students participated in a mooting competition, which required preparation, debating skills and presentation. All of which has improved both my confidence and communication abilities.

Independently, I have familiarised myself with political and philosophical works throughout history. The works of Karl Marx, Jeremy Bentham, Aristotle and John Austin are of a particular interest to me. Professor Herbert Hart's 'The Concept of Law" is especially interesting, its criticisms of well-established theories and philosophies of law were controversial along with his proposals that law should not govern morality, which was contrary to a prominent theory held by esteemed judge Lord Devlin, that Law should punish immorality. I found these works particularly interesting and useful, as they gave differing views and opinions about society, highlighting the dynamic views held across history and present times.

Outside of college, I maintain a keen interest in political media and journalism. I subscribe to The Economist, Politics review and the Guardian, while also regularly keeping up with current affairs through television and radio. I particularly like James O'Brien on LBC and Andrew Neil on Sunday politics. I also hold an interest in film and literature, having read many books such as; Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Asimov's I, Robot and Matheson's I Am Legend. I have a very keen interest in football and tennis, and hope to continue these activities at university.

I firmly believe that my strong communication and analytical skills, combined with my passion for the subject will make me a positive addition to study politics at university.

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I made this personal statement like a typical student, in an all nighter filled with procrastination and energy drinks, and I rushed it because I couldn't decide on a course, but I'm still pretty confident with it.


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