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Politics has always been a passion of mine since I was introduced to the course at AS Level and I have joined the Conservative party to help me understand their dramatic fall from grace in the last decade.

I am also interested in what they are trying to do to get back to the top of the tree of British politics. Although I have no political ideology as such, many single-issue lobby groups have interested me as I feel this is the way forward as opposed to conventional party politics. I now take a keen interest in public affairs.

English is also a big part of my life in and I love reading and writing. Last year I entered a competition to write a film script for a TV channel and I was greatly encouraged by their response. I write in my diary daily and also occasionally pen my thoughts in the form of poetry.

Ted Robbins’ work is of great interest to me as he is not only local, but also a man of many talents. As a proud Welshman, my commitment to language stretches to learning Welsh in my spare time. I am also competent in both French and Italian picked up from school and foreign excursions.

Although both English and ICT involve coursework, I enjoy the fact that I have motivation to work towards university throughout the year instead of it all hinging on exams.

I have won many awards for football, cricket and athletics, including “Players’ Player of the Year” at my local club and a trophy for “Outstanding Effort”.

I enjoy a challenge and am constantly trying new and interesting things. I am competent on four musical instruments – Cornet, saxophone, piano and guitar. Music is a big part of my life and I am stirred by many pieces. I often listen to music when working or just too generally relax me. I feel it heals the soul and again, is inspiration to write.

In between my studies I enjoy socialising with my friends. This can be in many forms including games of tennis, football and snooker, going out to town or just one of my friend’s houses. I have a few groups of friends and I make new ones easily. This is good preparation for university.

I have been weaned on books from a young age, and a lot of my time is spent immersed in a good book. I particularly enjoy books on sport and computing, although it was Sue Townsend who first inspired me to write with her Adrian Mole series, a witty and gloriously humorous sequence of books I took to immediately.

The whole concept of computers fascinates me and in my spare time I’m learning web design. I have managed two popular websites, one of which was paid employment for a company called Rivals.

For my work experience I went to the local paper, which gave me a good idea of what journalism entails and encouraged my interest in the field. I wrote many stories that were published and I learned important skills such as working as part of a team and meeting deadlines. I have honed these skills in part-time jobs since.

My motivation is my lifelong desire to go to university and to better myself as a person. I have a thirst to learn and I am suited to the university lifestyle. I have always wanted to be a journalist and a degree in Politics or English can give me the scope to go on and be successful in life. I am more than mature enough to handle myself on my own in unfamiliar surroundings.

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Needs to be more Focussed.

Well this PS lacks focus. If the person is applying for a politics degree the main focus should be politics. In other words at least 50% should be related to politics. I think this person lacks good political insight, and the statement needs improving a lot.

This is terrible! I actually

This is terrible! I actually wouldn't look twice at a person who sent this if I were an admissions tutor. Where is his punctuation?


being a laubour MP i can see potenshial in this young mans personal statement if he however changed to the right party he may have a chance in life, if he stays torie he will fail and probably be casted into hell.

sam reader

i want to be a cosevative but i have testicals so they wont except me.


Did this kids actually read this through? this makes me cringe!

It most certainly needs to be

It most certainly needs to be redafted, and the 'music heals my soul'sentance, how do you expect any university take you seriously. Also hanging out with your friends is irreleant in a PS. Focus Focus on what course you want to take, this PS lacks direction. Good luck with the much needed redraft.

This personal statement was

This personal statement was not appealing at all.


ideology sorry.

How can you be a member of

How can you be a member of the Conservative party and not have a political ideology at the same time? That doesn't even make sense. It seems like you don't even understand politics.


This statement is like like a burp on a hot summers day.. excellent work amigo!!!

I find myself wondering if

I find myself wondering if this is a troll...

If it is, vastly successful. If not, try again at the PS, and talk to a tutor, or similar adviser.

He commented on his ability

He commented on his ability to make friends, like it's some sort of achievement hahahaha

JAmie Cox

I don't have many friends :(:(:(:( r u plz help meh?


Very good blog.Really thank you! Cool.

Our future leader

This personal statement has convinced me that this man will be the Prime Minister in the future. I long for the day when he will heal our country's soul.

"I have just joined the

"I have just joined the Conservative party...although I have no political ideology" 😂

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