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I have always been interested in Politics from a young age and was enticed by media coverage of such events like 9/11, the rise of Al-Qaeda, the Iraq war and the recession and its impact on us as a nation; however, when I started AS Government & Politics I knew Politics was the course for me. Due to being engaged with the subject, I was able to discover my love for politics. As an individual, I have been fortunate to visit Westminster several times, as well as having the chance to witness debating within the House. I now see myself working within politics in the future, whether as a politician debating within the Commons or working for a political think tank developing policies. I intend to study a degree in Politics, developing my current knowledge further thus giving me firm foundations for a successful career in this field. The way in which governments manage and use power is extremely fascinating. I find it intriguing how governments are able to use this political power to make life changing and even sometimes world changing decisions, such as George Bush's decision to go to war or Edward Heath's decision to join institutions such as the EU. I am also interested in how power is constrained and kept in check. This has led to a keen interest in the subject area of the European Union and how it affects us as a nation, prompting me to join my local branch of UKIP where I am actively involved in the EU debate. Another reason for joining UKIP is that I am a keen supporter of Thatcherism and believe that ideologically, UKIP are the closest party to this ideology. I have read several books on Thatcherism such as "The Politics of the Thatcher Revolution" by Geoffrey K.Fry; I believe she has had a significant impact on Britain. This sparked my interest in the roots of Thatcherism, from which I found Powellism, the beliefs and ideologies of Enoch Powell, a controversial politician. For my EPQ, I decided to critically and objectively scrutinise Powell in my project, "To what extent has Enoch Powell influenced British Politics?" I also have an interest in domestic politics, regularly voicing my opinion at monthly UKIP branch meetings. Due to this experience I have made the decision to stand for councillor in the upcoming campaign of 2015; I am currently being considered as a potential candidate. In addition, I am also a member of the Student Council, attending weekly meetings, helping tackle such issues as recycling, voicing student concerns and the co-ordination of charity events. I believe that making yourself heard is a fundamental principle of politics, as without it decisions would be made without any consideration for you as an individual or as a collective group; therefore I believe in the increase of direct democracy. I have participated in promoting Political Studies at my local 6th form by helping out at open evenings as well as at the taster session in which I played the role of a candidate in a mock election. Promoting Politics to other students is something I enjoy very much as I am able to share my passion for the subject with other students. I also study Business Studies and Sociology; both subjects help with my study of Politics as they enable me to look at Politics from a Business perspective and also from the perspective of Feminist Sociologists, for example. From studying Business I have gained knowledge of how the economy works; this allows me to have a deeper understanding of how government policy affects our economy. I also enjoy challenging myself; this was one of the reasons I participated in Duke of Edinburgh Silver and now wish to achieve Gold at university and challenge myself further. I have gained skills which can be put into practice whilst at university, such as leadership and management. I very much anticipate the next chapter of my development and believe Politics offers a lot to me in conjunction with developing my ability to make a significant contribution to the future of the UK.

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