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Throughout my life living in Peru, a flawed democracy and developing country, I have seen an environment of extreme poverty and inequity, locally, where half the population lacks access to water and many schools lack furniture or drainage systems.

As a person aware of my own privilege, this has lead me to take serious interest in critically analysing political phenomena, such as the benefits and drawbacks of globalization, state-building and the struggles for democracy. I seek to broaden my scope of understanding of international relations, political and global concerns, along with their impact on our daily lives.

Studying Global Politics through the IB programme gave me an insight into a range of theories and practices of politics, some of which I investigated further. The first book I read when starting to consider the subject at a degree level was ‘International Relations’ by Stephen McGlinchey, which reinforced my understanding of key terms using relevant case studies to explain concepts in an absorbing narrative, augmenting my enthusiasm for the subject and motivating me to read deeper into specific topics.

Owing to McGlinchey’s mention of it in his own book, I was intrigued by ‘Man, the State, and War’. Waltz’s three images theory and the different stances regarding each one captivated me, particularly the second one which contrasts a liberalist and socialist viewpoint regarding the source of war. Consequently, I am eager to expand my knowledge on distinct theories like this at university.

For work experience week I volunteered in the Ombudsman Office, where I learnt the importance of stakeholder interaction with citizens. Assigned to accompany lawyers to public health institutions and check complaints, my experience allowed me to see the vitality of good administration for a well-functioning democracy and ignited further passion for human rights issues by witnessing the outcomes of neglect in healthcare systems.

For this reason, I read Saadawi’s ‘Woman at Point Zero’, introducing me a powerful representation of dehumanization of women in relatively chauvinistic states of the Middle East.

Determined to enhance my knowledge on this I found Shad Begum’s TED talk ‘How women in Pakistan are creating political change’; a concise explanation of their urgency for gender political representation to take part in legislation, planning, and investing funds in women’s services. Familiar with this from living in a developing country, I am keen to learn more about feminist political ideas.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to lead a project of an NGO called ‘Baika’ to provide bicycles to children with difficulties attending school due to distance in Viru, from which I am developing my leadership skills and tenacity to overcome the adversities amid COVID-19.

I also took the initiative to organise the first Model UN in English in my city, which helped me develop a sense of responsibility while chairing the Press Corps, along with teamwork skills attained by working closely with co-chairs and observers, all suitable for my academic performance. Additionally, this further developed my passion for international relations by increasing my understanding of the media as a driving force.

As an international student, I am fluent in Spanish, English, and am keen to pursue my French studies. I excel at writing and have won several competitions.

One of which was a short-story interscholastic contest where I was placed among the first twenty, nationally, for which I wrote about the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, linking it back to my interest in politics and conflict in Latin America.

I look forward to combine my language proficiency, determination and writing skills to engage in university culture, and then to work for the UNDP or as a foreign correspondent after my undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

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