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I have always believed that the being able to speak more than one language well is so useful in the world today, where the sources of communication grow ever more abundant. Especially in the world of politics and international relations, languages are so important, and as I may consider a career in this area, I know that being able to speak foreign languages will open many more doors for me.

Germany is at the geographical, cultural, intellectual and economic heart of Europe and French is a major world language with its literature, art and
cinema being among the richest and most influential in the world. From a young age, I realized that I wanted to keep languages in my life for as long as I could. It is this passion that has driven me to work hard and improve my skills as much as possible.

I have visited France and Germany on several occasions, where I have always been encouraged to and make an effort to speak the language whenever I can. I appreciate other cultures and enjoy learning about and experiencing them through travel. I travelled independently to France, Germany, and Sweden to take part in exchanges, which have been among three of the best experiences of my life.

The German and Swedish exchanges also included work experience, which were challenging and thoroughly enjoyable experiences. In Germany I worked in an international company where I immersed myself in speaking German and was able to obtain an insight into how such a large company operates.

This shows my determination and keenness to explore foreign cultures and communicate in a different language without help. I got to see many different aspects of French and German culture through staying with families, as well as the usual tourist attractions.

To increase my learning further, I often read French and German material outside of school, for example the German 'LetterMag' magazine, intended for young people who want correspondance with people from all over the world in many different languages.

he magazine 'Authentik' in both French and German is especially relevant to me as I have a keen interest in and politics and current affairs and for that reason also watch the German national news everyday on the 'Tageschau' website. French cinema greatly enthuses me and my favourite director is Jaques Tati. To increase my reading comprehension I often read novels by authors such as Amélie Nothomb.

At school I mentor a GCSE student once a week in German. We now have a great rapport and I have helped her a great deal. I believe that this shows I can work well with people, and am able to pass on information and skills to other people.

Politics interested me from a relatively young age and studying it at A Level has given me great enjoyment and the chance to broaden my knowledge. Globalisation and the increasing power of the EU means that countries like Britain are affected more and more by the politics of Europe, which is why I believe this subject is so pertinent. I try to read as widely as possible, and have recently read The New British Politics by several authors, and Gyles Brandreth's and Tony Benn's political diaries.

My greatest hobby is music; I did A Level Music three years early and play the piano and violin to a high level. I use my talents to teach children to play the piano as a part-time job, which is very rewarding. I have always been a member of an orchestra, am part of the Music Society in my school, and recently started teaching myself the saxophone.

I am a very active person and love all sports, but especially karate, which has given me a sense of discipline. Despite starting just three years ago, I am already on 2nd kyu. I have taken part in competitions and won two silver medals as result. I am also in the school basketball team which has improved my teamwork skills.

I feel that university is the perfect environment for me to develop as a person and I look forward to the challenges, opportunities and level of independence it will present.

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This personal statement was written by indie_kid123 for application in 2007.

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I'm applying to three different courses - french and german, french and politics, and german and politics, i.e. the whole personal statement thing is a bit tricky. Personally I don't think it's very good- but it is my first draft.


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