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A year ago, I chose Politics and Society as one of my four chosen Leaving Certificate subjects on a whim, and I haven't regretted it once. Since day one, Politics has included aspects from my favourite subjects, such as German and History, and has allowed me to blossom in school life.

I find political theory interesting, and I look forward expanding my knowledge beyond the syllabus work, where we learn the main ideas of thinkers such as Locke, Hobbes, Marx, and Said. As we don’t get the chance to read actual theory in class, I’ve started to explore some literature myself.

Currently I’ve just finished reading Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’. Despite the concept of Machiavellianism contrasting with my views, there is a very candid approach to politics in ‘The Prince’ that I can appreciate. The ruthlessness Machiavelli suggests is the ruthlessness he expects from foes.

Currently I'm getting the opportunity to do a politics project, in which four friends and I have decided that we would tackle sustainable development by petitioning for an endangered local train route to remain open. We aim to collect statistics and using them, compile a petition to send to a local Fianna Fàil TD.

I’m also looking forward to learning more about international politics. German class is a delight, as I get to study both a modern language and a foreign culture. My study of the Irish language has given me the ability to understand language structure with more fluency, and I’m in love with German, as it is a language used in day to day life, and the ability to speak German has given me the chance to see things differently when it comes to European politics.

I’m also reading Franz Kafka’s 'Die Verwandlung', as both a form of study and a personal interest in modern literature, and I’m finding it quite an interesting, exciting experience.

In my history course, I’ve also gotten the chance to explore politics, particularly Irish and American politics. In fact, for my extended essay in history, I chose to independently research the political rivalry between Hamilton and Jefferson. My study aided my research skills and especially my essay writing ability.

I’m very interested in learning about politics between Ireland and the UK, especially concerning the question of a border in light of Brexit and recent support from Irish parties like Fine Gael for a United Ireland. Growing up in quite a traditionally republican area with a parent from the UK has also given me a unique experience in understanding republicanism and the Irish Question.

In my extracurricular life, I’ve been able to delve into the more active sides of politics, such as being elected for Student Council and Junior County Council, both of which gave me insight into governance. I was also invited to attend the Labour Party Conference, where I learned much about how parties operate, which has given me more understanding about party dynamics.

I’ve represented my school and county in public speaking competitions, speaking on press freedom, which has helped improve my confidence and speaking ability, and I’m a founding member of my school’s Feminist Society, from where I’ve gained experience with conflict theory, which has made me interested to explore sociology.

In my spare time, I enjoy writing, particularly creative writing, having my own work featured in the ‘Young Voices Across the Globe’ Literary Journal 2017. Writing has helped me become skilled in essay and article writing, which will hopefully help me in my pursuit of journalism.

I also play the flute and saxophone, which has increased my focus, and have performed as part of my county orchestra in the National Concert Hall in Dublin, and in Italy as part of a festival alongside groups from Spain and Slovakia, which I found to be a brilliant adventure.

I hope to go to University to study politics and develop an expertise, so that I can be informed as a potential journalist, and so that I may ensure I am utterly respectful in my future endeavours.

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Hi guys! Just finished with my UCAS application and thought I'd upload my personal statement. Biggest issue was getting within the word count - and making sure I didn't do too many extra curriculars.


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