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I have always been intrigued by how politics shapes the world. In modern society an increasing number of issues are becoming polarised. I believe with this course it'll broaden my understanding and arm me with the knowledge to form constructive views and solutions to contribute positively to this course, as well as in my future professional career.

I was raised in Hong Kong before moving to Scotland, this stark change in culture, religion and political systems sparked my interest in Politics. With China becoming increasingly prevalent on the world stage and having family from both Britain and China has made the political tension between them unavoidable to me. I have seen political and ideological change first hand in Hong Kong, and what shocked me most was the speed at which a state can change. It is easy to get complacent and forget the sacrifices that were made in order for many of us to live in a free Democratic state. This knowledge and understanding of the world has fueled my interest in the subject.

Travelling to many parts of the world, one of which being Cambodia where the people don't have the level of human rights and freedoms that we enjoy in the UK provided me with life-changing experiences that have shaped my views. I feel with the experiences I have had growing up outside the UK, along side the knowledge and understanding this course would offer, it would allow me to make the absolute most out of this place at your university which would not only benefit me, but also my peers.

Studying Politics and Modern Studies at Higher level was a natural choice, I wanted to enhance my understanding of the world that we live in. I have learnt about the complexity of political systems in the UK and US and various political ideologies, already granting me an excellent insight into this course. Politics has also allowed me to analyse various types of data giving me transferable skills for university. In Geography I have found it fascinating how governments act in a crisis and how land can cause conflict. Participating in the Model UN group at school has allowed me to express my views openly and diplomatically, this will better enable me to play a sound role in tutorials.

Aside from my academic studies, I have attended events at the Beyond Border Festival which covered talks from politicians to influential humanitarians. It deepened my awareness on foreign affairs and issues within our own country, some of the talks I attended were The Syrian Refugee crisis and Nicola Sturgeon on Brexit. I had the opportunity to talk alongside the group Extinction Rebellion to Nicola Sturgeon questioning her on what the Scottish Governments' plans are to tackle climate change in Scotland. At the opening of Grieston Hill Diamond Jubilee Wood I was given the fortunate role to greet Princess Anne and deliver a speech on conservation issues. To keep up with current affairs I read The Times and listen to the BBC World Service daily.

Working in the modelling industry allows me to meet people from all aspects of life and has required discipline and a strong work ethic. I have had to balance school work alongside modelling improving my time management skills. At UN member annual functions at Traquair House I was part of the events team allowing me to meet and talk with leading figures within politics. I was particularly inspired by the members of the Syrian Women’s Advisory Board of the UN where they talked of their role in peace negotiation in Syria and the hardships of gender inequality women face in war zones. Following their discussions on political debates and schemes I formed great admiration for the passion of their work, further stimulating my desire to gain more insight into this field.

My yearning to make a difference in the world has led me to desire a career in humanitarian aid, reading Politics and International Relations as a degree will facilitate the knowledge needed for this vocation. Throughout my personal experiences and studies, I firmly believe I possess the essential qualities needed for this course, I look forward to the challenges and opportunity that studying this course at your institution will undoubtedly give me.

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Applied to:
University of Aberdeen- unconditional offerr
University of Glasgow
University of Dundee
University of Strathcylde
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Messed up my grades in s5 so applied with ABBB but Think my statement helped me get an unconditional to Aberdeen as I didnt meet the requirements but got an unconditional anyway but still waiting on other offers.
Feel free to make any criticisms:)


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