Politics and International Relations Personal Statement Example 17

We are living in politically eventful times that will indeed mark a turning point in society. From the climate emergency declaration to the rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement and more recently, the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The need for Politics to drive positive change is critical, whilst International Relations maintain global cooperation. It is the significance of these concepts that motivates me to pursue Politics and International Relations at University and in my future career.

My Pakistani background initially fuelled my interest in International Politics, as problems like corruption in Pakistan are inevitable.

Corrupt politicians undermine democratic peace; an example would be former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif seeking medical treatment in London despite offering inadequate medical provision to the Pakistani authorities. A letter from Pakistan regarding Nawaz Sharif's pillaged actions to the UK government concentrated on his repatriation. Thus, this raises the question of whether International Relations can expedite or de-escalate global conflict.

My passion also inspired me to participate in the online MUN course. I enhanced my researching skills and elocution, as I had to prepare a debate on Israel's annexation plans and its outcome. Consequently, I became an avid watcher of Al Jazeera and their reports on foreign policies and human rights atrocities around the Middle East. This experience has further ignited in me a desire for seeking a career in Politics and International Relations.

Choosing Politics at A-level has very much expanded my knowledge of British Politics. When working on an essay on the arguments for and against Brexit, I was fascinated by the effect Brexit would have on everything varying from migration to farming. It led me to read Owen Jones 'The Establishment and How They Get Away with It'; where it was apparent that UKIP acted as the dominant force in the rise of Euroscepticism.

Whilst keeping the UK's national sovereignty its core ideology. Also, as part of my A-level Politics course, I visited Parliament, where I witnessed debates between MPs and the process of legislation, which has deepened my perspective of the British political system. In A-level Media Studies, we have analysed 'It's the Sun Wot Won It' headlines' impact on the UK 1992 general election.

This intrigues me, as one of the topics I am most eager to explore in my degree is the importance of politicians having a close relationship with the media. In A-Level Law, I have studied ethical policies such as abortion that required moral decision-making. This advanced my critical thinking and has enabled me to consider alternative viewpoints, which I believe, are imperative qualities that a Politics student must acquire.

Apart from academia, my part-time job at London Gatwick Airport has exposed me to people from different backgrounds, which heightened my cultural quotient. Hence, equipping me for a career in an international setting, something that I aspire in the form of the UN. The fact that I balance my work commitments alongside A-levels shows my abilities to manage my time effectively. I find swimming enjoyable, and it has taught me the value of resilience to my education daily.

I am fortunate to be ambitious about a subject that has many potential career paths exemplified by the Parliament and the UN. I look forward to all the challenges of studying at university level. I am excited about the opportunities that studying at your great institution will bring, both during the course and beyond.

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This is my final personal statement draft.
Universities that I'm going to be applying for : Essex, Uwe Bristol, Kent, Portsmouth and Sussex


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