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The evermore increasing globalization of the world and volatile but connected economies places Politics and Economics as the most significant factors that have affected the world hugely in the past, present and will continue to do so in the future. When asked about the most salient issue in an interview in Bill Clinton's Presidential campaign he replied 'It's the economy, stupid'. I want to read Politics as my degree in university. As an aspiring MP this degree will enable me to progress my political career during university and after.
Throughout my A-level studies in Government & Politics, Economics and PE I have felt that reading Politics is the right path for me. Knowledge and understanding of how the democratic systems of the UK and USA work and the criticisms they may have and factors that affect political participation I would be able excel in the course. Keeping up to date in what’s happening in the world has benefitted my studies by extracting examples I feel are relevant to the topics in question and applying my knowledge to them. I also possess an in depth knowledge of how markets operate on a micro-economic and macro-economic level and government policies attempting to correct market failure. Experience of meeting deadlines in a school and working environment has enabled to me to keep on top of my studies. I feel A-level PE has been the most broad specification of all of my A-levels. As a result I have gained knowledge of the physiological and biomechanical processes and systems of the body in providing efficient movement, the psychological factors that affect young people in PE, and how history has paved the way for the dominance of commercialism in sport. Having the skills to write structured essays I am able to communicate at all levels effectively. I have participated in sport throughout my life which has enriched me and enabled me to develop a host of transferable skills into the course. My sporting background also gives me the discipline and team working skills needed to adapt to different situations.
Volunteering for Croydon Youth Council was a great experience. In my 1st year we campaigned to 'Reduce Abuse and Reject Neglect' with the help of Fixers. We visited schools and youth clubs delivering workshops relevant to the campaign. Campaigning on anti-bullying, as a mentor to new youth councillors, we will do an anti-bullying event in anti-bullying week and publish a leaflet for young people about the effects of bullying and how to deal with it. Working with young people to make a difference to our lives and get decision makers to listen to our voices. This has proved to be invaluable in developing my character, communication skills and confidence which I can use to progress into a career in politics.
I also consider myself to be very political; I am a member of the Labour party and London Young Labour where I have learnt first-hand why democracies are so effective in representing the voice of the people through canvassing constituencies in London. I have aspirations of becoming the MP of Croydon North, my home constituency and represent the residents, especially the young people as I believe young people's voices are underrepresented. Having worked in the Croydon Council Community Voice department, I witnessed the work of the local authority's bureaucracy. This gave me the perception of the scale of political bureaucracy at local level and even the immensely larger Civil Service.
Rugby is a passion which takes my mind of my studies and the stresses of daily life. Playing for Streatham and Croydon RFC, I train and play for the senior team weekly. I also follow a weight- training routine that I created myself and complete at the gym developing my dynamic, explosive, and static and trunk strength.
I look forward to living the university lifestyle and seizing the many opportunities being a student can bring. Reading a Politics degree would enable me to achieve my life dreams and political aspirations.

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