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My motivation is the nagging feeling I experience when I witness someone in a painful situation unable to help themselves. It is the urge I feel to aid them and the satisfaction and fulfilment I receive when I can make a positive difference in their lives. At the core of it, I believe doctors are the heroes of society. Consequently, this is the type of person I am driven to become, an individual that positively influences a multitude of people’s lives, and this profession is the means to become that person.

Curiosity is an integral part of me, I have always been fascinated as to the ‘why’ of things and for this reason, I have always been drawn towards the sciences. I find the theoretical and practical aspects of biology and chemistry engrossing like the human body and the chemical reactions that enable its function. Human anatomy is one of the topics I am especially looking forward to. Reading about the late breakthroughs in medicine such as Nanomedicine, which has the potential to improve treatment of cancer by delivering drugs directly to tumors or gene therapy to treat Hemoglobinopathies. Being able to deliver these procedures to advance healthcare delivery and improve life expectancy in the future fuels my passion.

In my time as a member of the student representative council, I developed my communication skills as I had to adequately represent the students of the school’s interest to the members of the management staff. Additionally, a vital part of my role was cooperating with others and adopting an open mind. The experience enhanced my teamwork skills and I can work fluidly and harmonically with others. Adding on, it also developed my critical thinking skills as I had to offer effective solutions to the problems that the school faced. Furthermore, my role taught me the essence of selflessness as I always had to think of what was in the best interest of classmates, enabling me to do the same for future patients.

Volunteering to take part in Red Cross training was an enlightening experience. We were taught first aid skills and the values of the Red Cross many of which prioritized compassion, empathy, and duty of care to the patient which will transfer well into a future as a doctor. Moreover, learning how to administer CPR or treat burns and broken bones gave me further insight into the regular stress doctors face when attending to patients such as the pressure when trying to save a severely injured patient, but most importantly, being level-headed in those types of situations. Overall, the training gave me a deep appreciation for the hands-on approach style of caregiving, doctors carry out daily further cementing my conviction to pursue this course.

In my leisure time, I like to play basketball. This hobby, in particular, has taught me the value of discipline and perseverance, qualities which are essential to overcoming challenges as a Medical student and doctor. Completing the Duke of Edinburgh bronze award allowed me to learn a range of new skills including, playing the saxophone and organising fundraising and charity events such as when we gathered donated shoes, cleaned and polished them, and gave them to members of Asu village, Abeokuta.

Studying in the UK is for a combination of reasons. Firstly, there is a high quality of healthcare that I will be able to learn from. Upon this, a culturally diverse destination like the UK would make me, an international student, feel more welcomed in tandem with this I have the opportunity to make friends from various backgrounds. I choose your university because it will allow me to learn and grow socially and academically.
In conclusion, despite the rigors of this course, I am driven and determined to pursue it and with the skills obtained I will improve the public health sector in Nigeria.

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