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I graduated from the University of Southampton in July 2008 with an upper second class honours degree in podiatry.

Since leaving university I have worked as a locum podiatrist. The majority of my role involves working independently in the community providing a high standard of quality clinical care to patients who self present or are referred to the service.

This involves assessing, diagnosing, developing and implementing individualised care programmes for patients with a wide variety of clinical needs, including acute or chronic neuropathies, chronic diseases, vascular problems and wound management.

My motivation and determination to study medicine has developed from various sources. During my undergraduate degree and from an early age I became fascinated with the sheer complexity of the human body, its aptness to go wrong and the application of science and technology to remedy it is the chief reason why I have chosen to study medicine.

I have concluded that a career in medicine will provide me with the life-long personal and intellectual challenges that I am seeking whilst allowing me to use my analytical, scientific and communication skills developed in my current caring role and previous degree. However, it is working with patients in my current role and my previous work experience which has truly solidified my determination in training to become a doctor.

To further my insight into the medical field I obtained a tempoary job last year at my university in the school of medicines dissection laboratory as an anatomical technician.

This invaluable opportunity gave me the opportunity to improve my understanding of anatomy and also to speak to current medical students and ask them various questions relating to the course.

I also arranged a two day placement at a local hospital which was a superb opportunity to observe medicine in an acute elderly stroke ward. I observed wards rounds, a MRI and CT scan, and also attended a pharmacology drug seminar at lunchtime.

This experience has allowed me to realise that whilst medicine is a challenging career it can be extremely gratifying, highlighted by the doctors I have spoken to and on my own personal experiences.

I feel that both my academic and professional experience will provide me with a strong foundation to start my medical training.

During my first degree I developed the qualities required to become a competent self-directed learner. The majority of the learning in my undergraduate degree was student centred and involved problem based scenarios such as case studies or group presentations.

This style of learning has equipped me with the skills necessary to take responsibility for my own learning, in becoming a reflective practitioner and the qualities required to work as part of a multidisciplinary team. I feel that all of these skills are of imperative value for my current profession and future aspirations to study medicine.

I am a self motivated, determined individual and I look forward to the social and academic challengers of returning to university. I also feel that my previous training has enhanced my interpersonal, communication and team building abilities which are essential attributes of any medical profession.

I believe that I have many of the personal qualities required to become a good doctor, being compassionate, caring, conscientious and empathetic.

In my spare time I enjoy swimming regularly and maintain an active social life with my friends. More importantly, I firmly believe that I am capable of balancing the demands of my professional life with those of my personal life, which is essential in any medical profession.

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Im not sure if its any good would appreciate any feedback!!


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I liked this personal

I liked this personal statement

It reads extremely well. I

It reads extremely well. I would love to know if you are now studying medicine

Mr J

No, NO and NO again.
This person here went for the listing which as usual gave me no information about the applicant.
He says that he had an insight into anatomy, very nice, could you tell me about it? No and he moves on to the next point. Anyone can do this and it will NOT differentiate you from the mass.
A very good statement can even cover for an AAB prediction instead of AAA depending on where you apply.

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