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I enjoy learning, developing and exploring new ideas, concepts and ways of working. An interest that I hope may lead to a mentoring or teaching position, where I will be able to share ideas in a researching, developing and learning environment. I strongly believe that any future career path that I eventually follow will rely heavily on a solid foundation, consisting of a sound education to degree level and beyond. Combined with the character building, networking and confidence that I believe university life will provide me with.

I have a wide cross section of interests both within and outside of the education system. A strong theme throughout all of my interests has always been a need to know and understand "how and why".

Whether it be the detailed workings of an internal combustion engine, the origin of the universe, the complex nature of the human immune system or the driving force of the stock exchange, I always like to know what makes them tick. This thirst for knowledge has lead me to search out data in the many forms that it is available, be it books in the local library, the vast resources on the internet, television documentaries or many of the regular publications currently available. I regularly read many periodic publications, including; National Geographic, New Scientist and The Economist.

I have a keen interest in most sports. In particular I regularly compete in swimming galas for Newark swimming club and also play indoor bowls, both socially and competitively. Alongside my interest in swimming, I have undertaken several years of training in life saving techniques, achieving bronze, silver and gold National Rescue Standard Certification. As part of this training I have recently qualified as a National Rescue Standard level 2 Pool Lifeguard. In time I hope that these qualifications will allow me to earn a part time income to help support university funding. At present I volunteer my services as a lifeguard to support Newark swimming club. Whilst performing life guard duties, I also enjoy working with the coaching team to offer guidance, support and training for new and less experienced club members of Newark swimming club.

In addition to regular swimming galas, I have also competed in several open water events and modern triathlons. Whilst I am not usually the "front runner", I do find these events challenging and character building as they push me to the limits of my ability (sometimes beyond).

During my time at college I have had several part time jobs, all of which have helped be improve my confidence. I am currently working part time at a popular bistro pub. Whilst I have no long term ambition to follow this as a career path, I strongly believe that the busy working environment of a professional kitchen has helped me to learn key skills in communication, working to deadlines, prioritising tasks and effective teamwork.

I have many interests and consider the experience of university life to be very important for my future life. In my visits to universities I have been very impressed by the facilities at Lincoln University.

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This personal statement was written by jwoodward3 for application in 2011.

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This is a generalised Mathematics and Science personal statement. It was sent off for five different courses. I decided to do this because at this moment in time i have not fully made up my decision of what i want to do. I applied to the same university for all five course 'University of Lincoln (L39)'. I have currently recived offers for three of the degrees thatr i applied for they are the following:
Business Studies (N100)
Biomedical Science (B940)
Criminology and Forensic Investigation (FM49)
My other two choices have not been rejected and i am still waiting for a reply on the following:
Product Design (W200)
Mechanical Engineering (H100)


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