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Mathematical logic and concepts underlie functionality of practically every process from rocket science to the budget of a household. It is this diversity of application that intrigues me and makes me want to study it in depth.

I feel it will give me logistic and reasoning abilities that are pivotal for virtually all areas of study, consequently giving a very strong base for a wide range of careers. My interest in mathematics dates back to primary school - I have enjoyed the challenge ever since.

Throughout my O'levels in Pakistan, I received merit certificates not only for math but for all other science subjects as well. I have always marveled at the interrelation between these and math, and have always sought to explore their common underlying principles.

An opportunity to do that was when I was among the 40 top candidates selected, from all over Pakistan, by Buraq Planetary Society to participate in a ten day ‘Space Camp’. Here I was not only exposed to wider prospects of knowledge, but was given an invaluable experience of interaction with like-minded people. I also gained useful communication skills and a great confidence boost.

Due to a clash in my timetable during O'Levels, I could not take Additional Mathematics at school. Nevertheless, I decided to study the course on my own initiative. I managed to grasp the syllabus’ concepts during year 11 and achieved 96% on the paper. This was a great sense of achievement for me and encouragement to pursue my interest further.

Having had no formal lessons, I developed an independent, self-reliant approach to maths which I believe is crucial for university level study. Achieving the maximum number of A grades ever in my school’s 25 year history, I was offered a full scholarship for A'Levels. However, I was not able to avail it as I moved to the UK.

I have always been active in extra curricular. Due to my immense interest in singing I have always been in the school choir and participated in many competitions and festivals including one in which I performed a solo for an audience of 2000. I also appeared in a weekly musical program for three years on national television.

At school, I was elected the house Captain by the entire student body. This required a high degree of leadership as well as organisational skills and involved an active role in the student council, which meant coordinating major social events and sport competitions where I was responsible for pulling together teams for my house.

This experience invariably taught me to strike a sensible balance between academics and extra curricular activities.

Last year I completed a work experience placement in an engineering firm, Enotrac, that mainly involved computer based investigation reports . Although the work itself was not directly related to my field, it was useful in giving me an insight to a professional atmosphere.

I'm looking forward to experiencing university life - it will not only give me the academic grounds to get into careers like actuarial science, research and commerce, but the social experience in itself is something to look forward to.

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This personal statement was written by hajira for application in 2005.

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Imperial College London
King's College London
London School of Economics
University College London
Royal Holloway

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Mathematics with Statistics for Finance at Imperial College London


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This statement is Excellent.

This statement is Excellent.

Superb! Please mention your O

Superb! Please mention your O-Level Grades as well.




Wow as everyone else had said...I thought this statement was amazing!! It was very intelligent and i awknowledge it...!!! GRRREEEAAAATT!!! WELL DONE!!!

not bad

you ended the ps with a preposition
Oxbridge admissions tutors will not look kindly upon grammatical mistakes
why ruin the whole thing with sloppy grammar? sort it out

excelllllllent work

excelllllllent work

A superb statement. nowt

A superb statement. nowt wrong with prepositions at the end of sentences

Good but over the top at times

I felt this was a quite good statement however it was far too over the top in many distinct areas. In addition the statement used "Most A grades ever in my school’s 25 year history" was not necessary becuase the universities only need to know about your personal grades and not about the performance of your school yo

How is he arrogant?

How is he arrogant?

@ the above

@ the above

Infact unis do care about your schools past performance. Your only average if you get all As from a school that gets all As but if people there normally scape 5 Cs your something special.

hey hajira could you add me

hey hajira could you add me on msn do i can ask you about some maths and uni stuff? I don't really know who else to ask. my emails



Hi hajira. Your statement is

Hi hajira. Your statement is absolutely brill. Would it be possible for u to post ur email address, so i can get in touch with u as I need help with my statement.I would be really grateful if u could do so...

hey i enjoyed reading this

hey i enjoyed reading this material , it made me happy

Hey, when we applied (5yrs

Hey, when we applied (5yrs ago!) the deadline was not 400, I don't remember exactly what it was but probably 520 if mine is 519 as I do remember cutting down word by word which was a struggle. Good luck with your application :)


you should have applied to oxbridge!!!

you defo would have got in

hey baby, what's your sine?

hey baby, what's your sine?

Very good and broad extra

Very good and broad extra curricular stuff, i dont think he really talked about maths enough though, the areas of it that interest him and so on..

Very good and broad extra

Very good and broad extra curricular stuff, i dont think he really talked about maths enough though, the areas of it that interest him and so on..

Very good

I really can't understand why others hate this work. Not arrogant, but confident.


I value the blog.Really thank you! Really Cool.

i would offer you a place

i would offer you a place with that

poor mate

poor mate

Brilliant personal statement!

Brilliant personal statement! One can only dream!

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