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What really motivates my strong desire to further my Mathematical studies at university is the way mathematics can be used and applied to countless other subjects of study and even more practical real-life situations.

It is a unique subject for me as it provides a far greater sense of achievement than I get from any other subject as I love problem-solving and learning new principles and being able to solve the same problem through multiple different processes.

I enjoy learning about surprising features that are unseen in everyday objects or ideas that are so seemingly simple but contain such relevant and hidden maths. One example of this for me is Sierpinski’s gasket; If you were to plot the odd & even numbers of an infinitely large pascal’s triangle that the percentage of odd numbers would tend to zero and the percentage of even numbers would tend to 100 percent, or infinity.

All because the values of each ratio grow exponentially larger and smaller to such an extreme degree, where with only one million lines of pascal’s triangle the total percentage of odd numbers would round to zero. I came across this particular example while attending MathInspiration’s virtual show, including multiple guest mathematician speakers and over a variety of different mathematical topics.

Problem solving and challenges are what I enjoy to set myself and are what motivates me to gain a deeper understanding of certain areas of maths. I found a great way to do so was through coding.

In an effort to improve my kinematic equations and become more familiar with them I had applied my knowledge from my two years of computer science and set to work coding a fully functional calculator for the five kinematic equations of motion.

The end product was a success and not only did I have a fully self-made calculator for my mechanics side of math but a further understanding and familiarity of the s.u.v.a.t equations and the manipulations of them, which has helped me through both GCSE and A-level.

Not only do I enjoy being taught maths myself, I find great pleasure in helping and enabling others to understand an issue. For example, if anyone from a younger sibling to a classmate were struggling to get their head around something I would gladly take the time and go out of way in order to help them gain an understanding. These actions have helped me become more selfless and principled in relation to my companions in and out of schooling environments.

Outside of my academics, I have been privileged enough to be offered opportunities given to me to reach out beyond my comfort zone and help others less-fortunate. I and a group of others flew out to Chiang Mai, Thailand and hiked many hours north into deep rural forest and mountain range to our destination, a completely isolated village with no infrastructure.

We stayed as guests in their homes, ate their meals and slept while they worked the midnight hours. In return for their hospitality we spent the week preparing and laying down a road for them to allow transport access between the village on motor. We also met with and got to know the local community, only having to utilise the universal gestures for communication.

All my volunteering, achievements and personal extended study show that I am also looking to outstand and gain an advantage over the rest whether that be training harder, gaining more experience or going out of my way to reach a further understanding.

I will use this mindset when studying Mathematics at undergraduate level to excel in my studies. And will be open to all the new possibilities and opportunities that I am sure studying at university will provide me.

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