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Mathematics is a language of science which portrays just merely anything in this world better than any other way we distinguish.The more we discover nature,the more mathematical association revealed by doing so.From the book "Think Like A Maths Genius" by Arthur Benjamin and Michael Shermer;I learned that flowers have spiral that line up with Fibonacci Numbers which can be urbanized simply and ultimately become conscious that rabbits,trees and humans too follow the same rule.I have been extending my knowledge in Math as much as possible that I would not have encountered certain mathematical difficulties if I wasn't exposed by it.I even when to the extent of questioning my math teachers about why 1+1=2 but never once satisfied by the given answers.

'If you are so interested in obtaining the explanation behind this,why don't you get yourself mathematics major in the university and acquire the answer by becoming mathematician?'

This challenge is the primary reason I made up my mind to take the voyage of acquiring the answer myself which dated back since I started my high school.Throughout my final school days,I received merit certificates for math and became one of the best students as I received distinctions not only in mathematical subjects but quite a few others too.I was even named as 'Queen of Math'.I am now nearing the end of my Diploma and have so far achieve an outstanding CGPA of 3.97.I have achieve 4.00 for three semesters and been on the Dean's List for five semester concurrently.I also volunteered as one of the Math Clinic Tutors to assist those who are weaker in the subjects.I was also chosen to be one of the committee members of the Association Quantitative Science and entrusted to organize a number of programs for the development of the club.Due to the success,I was then selected to be a part of the University's annual event led by the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Science.

I believe that a sensible balance between academics and outdoor activities such as hiking,kayaking,rock climbing,and others will help me maintain in sense of mental and physical.I too get a chance to experience abseiling in one of my hiking trips and went for classes on recreational activities.Unfortunately,things turned out differently when I was involved in an accident as I had to cut down my activities yet I recover by focusing in Math,one of those that enthuse me besides those exciting activities.

Aside from mathematical subjects,I consider Finance,Economy and Accounting to harmonize with Mathematics as they are about finding ways of describing reality of life that occurs every day.They are essentially intriguing as they existed since hundred years ago;keeps me wondering how those genius mathematicians managed to discover the mystery and convincingly motivate me to become one of those prodigies.

Mathematics is easy to be appreciated if you get the basics and what captivates me the most is that the more you simplified the hard part;there is always another tough part for you to discover how to make it simpler and understand it better.There is countless branch of math that is part of our daily lives and in ways that we typically don't even seem to have notice.Math is never ending,just like how the numbers would go on and on till infinity.But what number is infinity?Nobody would have guessed the right answer.There is always a superior number than that.Some of us say zero equals to nothing but eventually without zero your money in the bank may not be as worth.A zero makes a major variation between a million and a hundred thousand.This few but significant facts boost me to ascertain more and more validity that lies in math.I don't want to stop unearth math in such a low level when there is absolutely more to uncover and to further my knowledge in the new ideas beyond levels of Mathematics I have acknowledged is something that I look forward to.

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