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For as long as I can remember, Mathematics has been my main academic interest, and I wish to apply for this opportunity to study at university as I would like to enhance my knowledge of key concepts in this area. For example, I especially enjoy linear algebra, as this has always been a strength of mine and I feel that improving my knowledge on subjects like this would successfully help me grow my current skills. Furthermore, I would like to increase my understanding of aural and spoken French, and the culture in France, as I believe that learning a second language opens the world to a higher level of communication, as well as opening the international job market.

I truly feel that this course would be a good choice for me as it would be an exciting progression, whilst allowing me to study my interests at a higher level. I would like to go down the career path of academic research in STEM fields as I am very interested in finding out the impact of mathematics on both the human mind and the world around us. This interests me as I have always found myself striving to learn more – asking the question ‘why?’ - and the information that I would gather using this course will help me achieve this knowledge and a career where I could gather more.

One book I have read that inspired me to learn more is the book “Why Does E=mc²? (And Why Should We Care?)” by Brian Cox and Jeff Forshaw. This book touches on subjects such as Einstein’s affiliation with Galileo, his famous thought experiments, and the role that mathematics played in his research. This inspired me as it showed that even the most complicated ideas and equations can be simplified and shared to create widespread belief, all thanks to mathematic research. Having carefully searched the course specification, I have seen that you offer tutorials on statistics and numerical analysis, as well as an optional logic course. These subjects in particular appeal to me as they would allow me to the think critically and logically, as well as developing my existing skills in problem solving and investigative research.

Within school, I have been studying many subjects that are relevant to this course; for example, my Higher Maths course showed me the simple complexity of mathematics – the way we have seen a pattern and used it to explain the universe. The information I gathered on this course has allowed me to understand my knowledge, instead of just memorising formulas or equations, which helped me to achieve an A in the final exam and meet the expectations of my teachers, who had always believed I could do it. Also, my Higher French course has deepened my knowledge of all things French – not only my fluency in the language itself but the culture, and how the history between France and Scotland interlinks.

Currently, I have a part-time waitress job. This has enhanced my experience of money handling and customer service skills. When I first started, I was able to observe the way my more experienced colleagues operated and learned from this experience hands-on. I feel these adaptable qualities will be invaluable as I make the transfer between high school and university. Similarly, my ability to take criticism on board will allow me to refine my work and improve my performance quickly, and to a higher academic standard.

One main interest out with my academic subjects are sports. For instance, I have been part of my school’s Netball team, as well as participating in Karate; for which the latter helped me attain my Duke of Edinburgh award. This award taught me a lot about how to develop my skills, as well as monitoring my progress and using critical feedback from supervisors. I also enjoy music - I am an avid guitar player – alongside the bass guitar and keyboard, and my experience with these instruments has allowed me to transfer my skills from one to another, just as I would do with a European language, and showcases my passion for my interests, as well as my motivation for the subjects that interest me.

Within my school, I have taken part in many extracurricular activities, including the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme. I delivered lessons to the S1 cohort at my school; to inform them about a range of behaviours – harassment, controlling behaviour, bullying – and what they could do to prevent this from happening to themselves or their peers. Also, I am currently supporting the S6 Buddy scheme. With this, I mentor two pupils and act as their ‘buddy’. This position entails the responsibility to become a trusted person, supporting any issues they might be facing. These tasks have taught me a lot about how different people learn and think, and I thoroughly enjoyed bringing awareness to certain issues.

I would like to go down the career path of academic research in STEM fields as I am very interested in finding out the impact of mathematics on both the human mind and the world around us, and in my opinion, university would be both a challenging and rewarding opportunity that would result in an array of life experiences which I would carry through to the world of work. I am confident that I would be a valuable asset to your university and utilise each opportunity to further my education and knowledge.

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