Mathematics and Actuarial Science Personal Statement Example 2

The ability to turn digits into something meaningful is magical. It transforms a complex imaginary world into reality. It connects the world together like a verbal language. This is the power of Mathematics. Solving a challenging problem with an unobvious solution has never failed to boost my devotion to Mathematics exponentially. I often apply numerical investigations whenever I come across tangible mathematical situations in daily life. My passion for numbers could be traced back to my childhood days when I was helping my aunt in a minimarket. The prospect of earning a net profit after giving customers discounts intrigued me about the application of Maths in real life situation. Curiosity on the impact of fluctuating numbers on economy drifts and the application of statistics in daily life are the reasons why I choose to study Statistics and Actuarial Science.

The decision by the Bank of England to cut down the interest rate to stop the recession and increase investments during Brexit had shown me the importance of applying statistics in settling the economic crisis as well as the significance of risk management in precluding undesirable events. In another scenario, the probability of mortality due to different health circumstances as one of the rule to determine the coverage of insurance schemes had introduced me to the vital use of statistic in foreseeing the liabilities that may lay ahead. The approaches which are used by statisticians and actuaries in solving problems have become an
attribute which I wished to emulate. By adopting an analytical method to interpret a complex information, I hope to apply the knowledge that I have learnt to figure out practical problems that I face in daily life.

Probability is my favourite topic. A question about the probability for two out of 23 people in a room who have the same birthday is about 50 percent has taught me to think out of the box. In this process, I utilised the knowledge of calculating the complement of the particular event. The book 'Math through the Ages' has introduced me to De Mere's Problem of Points where the way of distributing stakes in an unfinished game of chance is discussed. This led Blaise Pascal to introduce the world expectation value which is closely related to the Law of Large Number where the number of the outcomes is close to the predicted value when number of trials grows larger. These theorems had given me a new insight into Mathematics in which most of the problems can be analysed and interpreted in different ways and finding the most effective method is always fundamental in solving mathematical questions.

As the vice president of Mathematics Society, I had organized Maths classes and quizzes to help members to improve their mathematical thinking and analytical skills as well as sustain their interests. I am honoured to represent my school to join a Mathematics camp held in China. The different teaching methods opened my eyes showing me that Maths can be a very challenging subject. My hard work paid off when I received numerous awards in Mathematics including Best in Mathematics and Additional Mathematics awards in my college and high school, gold medals in Kangaroo Maths Competition and high distinctions in ICAS Mathematics. Participating in these competitive events have improved my mathematical technique and rationale in interpreting arithmetic and logic questions.

Studying in the UK will be one of the milestones in my life as I will be exposed to different cultures and learning environments. Advancement and development achieved by first world country inspire me to grab this precious opportunity to study in the UK. Mathematics is the spanning set for other fields such as actuarial science and physics. Hence, a comprehensive degree will provide me with mathematical and statistical knowledge which will prepare me for challenges in the real world. With my limitless enthusiasm for Mathematics, I believe I am ready for tertiary education in the UK.

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