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Without laws then the low-life that was once a neighbour would have got away with murder seemingly innocent as the day he was brought to life.

Without laws then the drunk that hospitalised my best friend would still be legal to possibly go one step further and see if going 5 miles faster would impress his so called friends or, cause an entire family a life time of sorrow.

Initially, never did I think a degree was academically in reach, so the plan was to become a police officer. Through great persistence of my father and inner belief, I'm greatly gratified that through genetics I was blessed with ambition.

Underlying my decision lays my personal motivation to prove civilization wrong, and to reinforce my belief that student from less so called 'poor backgrounds' are able to solely create a higher standard of living that society gives them credit for.

As a fundamentally invaluable part of life, law fascinates me as an intrinsically remarkable subject which undoubtedly created my passion. Not only am I able to apply it in mundane colloquialism, but I'm able to justify current issues a form my own opinion based on existing knowledge.

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying law at A level, and am keen to continue at degree level. It has taught me the massive effect it has on society, and I no longer remain naïve in how it has an effect on my life. My desire to study the subject is existent as I would love the opportunity to further my knowledge deeper and learn more about how the English legal system works.

I imagine that one day ill be able to make a solid statement backed up sound knowledge to achieve justice.

As well as law A level, I am studying business studies and P.E. I feel that business studies has given me a clear knowledge of the economic world that will lasts a lifetime. However P.E. is a subject that I have always enjoyed. I believe that the three subjects give me a wide base on which to build further study, providing a good variety.

Travel is important to me especially having a background in Morocco. Having the opportunity to travel has given me first hand experience of different cultures. Seeing the way other people live has made me appreciate my own life more, and made me more determined to achieve my potential.

I am a very keen sportswoman. I was awarded my First Dan Black Belt at the age of 14, after six years of study and practice. Alongside this I am proud of the trophies that I have been awarded as they show my dedication and drive to succeed.

The discipline involved valuable transferable skill that I feel will be useful in any walk of life. As once the former captain of the Somerset Netball team, I have had the chance to lead a team, as well as work as an effective member of that team. This also gave me the opportunity to improve my time-management and organisational skills.

At school I was instrumental in raising funds for disability charities. I feel that it is important to support charities as my family has experienced some of the difficulties of coping with life with disabilities. Completing this gave me a sense a sense of accomplishment, which I imagine what graduating is like.

College has been an important part of my life for the past two years, and I have made the most of all the opportunities that have been available. However, I am ready to move on to the next stage of my education and look forward to university with enthusiasm and high levels of commitment. I hope to one day contribute my enthusiasm by practicing law as a career.

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This personal statement was written by mm060391 for application in 2008.

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