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International Relations Personal Statement

Many people speak of days and events that change the world in a matter of seconds, and in modern times, 9/11 is surely accredited as being such a day. The resultant political hysteria caught my attention and having scarcely watched the news previously, the nature of politics on an international scale became a fascination. The attacks raised many questions about the effect of both present and future Western foreign policy, and such vital issues caused me to question and view the world in a new light. It soon became evident that the actions, reactions and interactions of government could affect not just the lives of the few, but of the entire of humanity. I strongly believe that a subject so far-reaching and influential warrants being understood and analysed at a higher level, a feat that I am determined to accomplish.

It was primarily through the emergence of the perceived post-9/11 'terror threat' that has given me the desire to examine the political climate domestically and globally. One of the foremost issues, the plight of human rights against the supposed 'threat of terrorism' is a topic that I would like to deepen my understanding of, particularly after reading 'Human Rights in Global Politics' by Tim Dunne and Nicholas J. Wheeler, and further researching the issue following the resignation of David Davis in June 2008. I feel passionately that the 'relentless erosion of fundamental British freedoms' is something that should be closely monitored, and is a topic that I strongly anticipate studying closely. However my primary interest has, and continues to be, the many aspects of terrorism, largely the 'War on Terror', constriction of civil liberties and its effect upon 'The West' fundamental, democratic principals. This was sparked by my reading of 'Perilous Power' by Noam Chomsky and Gilbert Achcar, within which opinions and statistics were produced which challenged many ideas and theories commonly expressed by the popular media, particularly in regards to US foreign policy.

My choices of A-levels have further reinforced my decision to study international relations at university level, and I have undoubtedly developed many skills which render me well-equipped for the challenges of higher education. I certainly feel that my essay composition skills have advanced significantly, and the increased freedom of topic and structure in A-level essays has allowed me to write in-depth analyses of topics which I could thoroughly research, such as the ethics of religious fundamentalism and terrorism. Furthermore subjects such as geography and business have helped me become more diplomatic when approaching arguments; something which I hope may help to reach desired conclusions in future academic debates.

I believe that my passion for politics and social change is also strongly reflected in my non-academic activities. My shared interest in current affairs and international politics with friends often results in heated debating outside of classes, something that I relish. In addition I have attended several organised debates, including a group discussion with a Tibetan monk on Chinese foreign policy. Additionally, being a senior student has further developed my ambitions for change; a desire underlined by the efforts of myself and a fellow senior student in gathering local politicians to give talks in order to allow students to develop a stronger political compass. Being on a senior student team has also strengthened my teamwork skills, as has my part-time job at Centre Parcs, Longleat, where working in a team is essential to completing assigned tasks. My job has also improved my time-management skills, as balancing academic and non-academic periods is crucial to meeting deadlines, something that I hope will aid me at university. As a questioning, determined and motivated student, the thought of deepening my knowledge and contributing to university life is one that excites me greatly.


Comment by guest at 16:30 4/10/2006

jees thankyou for your fab tips..!it's the simple thing's like turning off the mobile fone that i would forget..!..cheers..?

Vikki by guest at 23:34 10/06/2008

For the guest who left the interview questions on here thank you, i have an interview for my nursing secondment at work and will help loads.

Comment by guest at 11:00 27/11/2008

thank you best advice on the net!

questions? by guest at 14:27 2/12/2008

Hi, i've just got 2 interviews for a BSC (Hons) Adult Nursing Degree and I was just wondering what sort of questions i'm likely to be asked? My email's Thanks, Em x

During the interview by guest at 22:58 2/01/2009

Any tips on staying calm? and do you speak 3rd party or not?

Comment by guest at 09:54 11/01/2009

fantastic tips...all make sense n wk... but dyu hav ne idea wot kind of questions they might ask?

Comment by guest at 19:58 14/01/2009

Hi very helpful but can you give any advice on likely questions for social work, should I have a general knowledge of current issues and is it acceptable to take a notepad to interview.

TAM by guest at 21:17 29/01/2009

TAM my interview is tomoorow at Salford Uni too. at 9 am is yours ?

social work by guest at 14:34 12/02/2009

hey! got an interview for social work on monday, any tips?? has anybody been to an interview on social work in the past few years? if so, what questions were you asked? im an alevel student, and my interview isnt a group one!! any help would be much appreciated!!! thanx =]

MA Social Work by guest at 15:09 12/02/2009

I have a group interview in a few weeks, any ideas what it will be like? I have been given topics on group discussions but thats it.

Comment by guest at 17:06 12/02/2009

Thanks for you help. Daughter just had interview in nursing and failed because in the last part of interview she got a little tongue tied and needed prompting on her answers! University feed back said just need to build confidance in interview - so my tip is to do lots of practise mock interviews!

Comment by guest at 17:48 25/02/2009

Awesome I am now going to uni in a month :) Thanks for the tips they helped me to stay calm.

What kind of questions they ask in the interview by guest at 20:02 8/03/2009

The selection day in Nursing course.Degree in child nurse, can i have tips of questions they ask during individual interview, my email

Adult Nursing by guest at 14:03 9/03/2009

Hey, I wonder if i could get some idea of questions asked for adult nursing in nottinghm? No idea what to expect.. Please email me on

NURSING by guest at 09:58 20/03/2009

what might they ask me on the childrens nursing interviews?? thanks

Comment by guest at 14:04 31/03/2009

Hi, I also have an interview on Social Work 2nd April and wanted to know the type's of questions asked. If you could email with some tips that would be great. Thanks.

shagufta by guest at 22:12 13/06/2009

could you help me iv got mu MA social work interview in four days and i dont know what to expect in terms of questions any suggestions my email address is your help will really mean alot thankyou

Adult Nursing by guest at 17:32 18/11/2009

heya, i have an interview next week an i was just wondering if you had any tips for me for interview. im really nervous!!! my email address is :)

Comment by guest at 21:09 24/11/2009

Thank you for the tips! I'm also off to Queen Mary's for an English interview soon! Charlotte

Midwifery interview by guest at 20:34 25/11/2009

Hi I have just read your interview tips and I feel that they have really helped me! So thank you! I have a interview for midwifery at a university (Birmingham City) on 2/12/09 and I was wondering do you have any idea on the particular questions that they may ask me? I have already had one interview but I failed that one so I could really do with some help and confidence building! Please email me at asap! Thanks again! :) Your site tips are great!

Childrens nursing by guest at 13:15 30/11/2009

Hi, i have an interview for childrens nursing this week, and was just wondering if there are any tips and if anyone has any questions that will be asked.i am a very nervous person so would appriciate the help. PLease email me at Thank you

Childrens nursing group interview salford by guest at 19:47 9/12/2009

I have ida what to expect please help!

surgical nursing by guest at 22:44 1/01/2010

hii.. i have an interview with huddersfield university on the 5th of january and i amm very nervous.. can you plz give me some questions in which they may ask.. will be much appreciated. my e-mail is

Please Interview Teens 13-14 Year Old by guest at 05:47 13/01/2010

Please help teens 13-14 year old decide psychology is the subject in which they desire to excel.

speech and language by guest at 12:26 17/01/2010

hey this was really helpful, it really relaxes you because you know what to expect. i was wondering if you could suggest questions to prep for on the subject of speech and lang i have thought about the typical ones why SLT and why this uni? any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you my email is

Comment by guest at 13:48 26/01/2010

Thanks for the good tips! I would like to know what kind of questions I would be asked at an interview for Nursing? Please give some tips on answers.

Comment on Social Work Interview by guest at 02:09 28/01/2010

Hey, I've got an interview for social work next week friday. Just want to knwo what sort of questions might come up (both in the indidual interviews and the group interviews). Any comments would be most appreciated. Thanks!!!!

need further tips by guest at 11:05 12/02/2010

Hi,I will have an interview on thursday for a nursing course... can you give any tips on questions i might expect from them thank you. My

how long will it take the uni to give me an offer by guest at 07:25 15/02/2010

I attended a interview / campus tour for Brunel on 4th Feb.......How long will it take them to give me an offer for the course????

Nursing (mental Health) by guest at 23:02 17/02/2010

Thank you for the interview tips. I have an interview on Monday, The interview will be an event like a tour round the school and an opportunity to meet academic staff and students.This event will be will be used to evaluate and select students for 2010 entry and numeracy test which will involve conversions and drug calculations. Do you know what kind of things shall I expect in an interview of this nature and what exactly is a drug calculation? Thank you.

LUVIN IT by guest at 15:08 24/02/2010

LOVE THIS, simple, concise and easy to understand

Comment by guest at 10:51 5/03/2010

thanks!!.. hope i could make it!!.. ♥♥♥

Computing by yasirb at 2010-03-12 08:47:20

I've got an interview with Essex university for Computer Science. Any idea of what they might ask? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks,

Comment by guest at 00:15 20/03/2010

i had a read of this before my interview and got an offer :D thankyou!!!!! xx

Nursing Mental Health by guest at 22:42 3/04/2010

Hiya thanks for the tips, eem to be in the ame boat a everyone else and tarting to panic about th up and coming interviews. Any tips/ideas on questions they may ask in a Mental Health Nuring interview. Thanks gem.

University info by guest at 18:27 24/04/2010

I think this website has indeed been extremely helpful. It is very precise and definitely provides great info!

Comment by guest at 21:08 30/04/2010

are they asking general questions about the course or specific on the subject? great information

Comment by guest at 13:34 8/11/2010

thank u very much you have just boosted my interview is on the 1st week of december.really good tips

Comment by guest at 10:10 22/11/2010

am going for an interview but my original result is not with me what should i do?

Comment by guest at 19:22 8/12/2010

Thank you! I read this the night before my interview and i found it really useful and reassuring! i was so nervous and i thought about what i had read on here and i felt more confident.

Adult Nursing Interview by guest at 20:03 4/01/2011

I have an interview at BCU for Adult Nursing next week. If anyone could give me possible questions they might ask or just general advice it would be much appreiciated. My email is - Serena :)

Adult Nursing by lil_breenie at 2011-01-08 21:54:39

Great tips. I have an interview for adult nursing at BCU next week. Does anyone know what kind of questions they might ask ? Serena, when's your interview?

Comment by guest at 14:39 12/01/2011


Comment by guest at 20:18 20/01/2011

So useful - thank you!

Speech and Language Therapy Interview Help by guest at 12:36 24/01/2011

I have had two interviews recently (had to do a questionnaire for Manchester) for SLT at UEA and Birmingham and have recieved 3 offers from Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham (1st choice :D). The questions asked are almost similar word for word. They basically ask you: 1) What made you want to choose this course? 2) Why this uni? 3) What do you think you could bring to this uni? 4) SLT is a very intensive course, how would you deal with the heavy workload? 5) Tell us about one case where and how you had to adapt your communication skills when communicating with someone different? They sound a bit daunting, but they're simple really. As long as you prepare for it, and they're not scary at all. I'm not the most confident person but for some reason I had a sudden burst. I think the main thing is to express your passion for the subject! Its a bit cheesy but its what they want to hear! If anyone has any other questions about SLT feel free to e-mail me:

Very Useful by guest at 23:35 8/02/2011

I found these tips very useful and they have given me an insight as to what i should expect when my interviews do come around in the next week.

Comment by guest at 15:27 13/02/2011

Great advise. Will help me a lot. thanks. Karen

midwifery interview by guest at 16:01 13/02/2011

hi i have a midwifery interview in two days could you send me some practice questions many thanks

Adult Nursing At Glasgow Cali by guest at 14:41 19/02/2011

Hello i have got an interview on Adult Nursing at Glasgow Cali. ajust wondering what questions and discussions could come up because i am beginning to panic. if you could please contact me at Thanks

social work interviews by guest at 23:17 20/02/2011

hi i have an interview for social work on weds 23rd feb 2011 i think this advise i great but have u any idea on the dos and dont of interviews for social work and any tricky things i can prepare for! thanks in advance!

Comment by guest at 02:23 27/02/2011

Hi i have read through the posts and they have been really helpful, I have got my first interview for adult nursing degree at staffs uni in just under 2 weeks and would b really grateful for any tips on interview questions and what to wear,thank u my email is xxx

Comment by guest at 23:26 1/03/2011

I have an interview at Manchester Uni tomorrow for Actuarial science then another on the 15th for electrical engineering on the 15th. These tips have certainly helped, I feel a lot more confident and hopefully both my interviews go well.. Cheers

Comment by guest at 19:53 2/03/2011

hey i have an interview for childs nursing at northampton uni and manchester uni, just wandering if you can give me any tips on the kind of questions I would get. Thanks

Comment by guest at 21:33 12/03/2011

This is a very stable, and reassuring, list and it has helped me very much in preperation for interviews in the future. Thank You very much, also I have a small suggestion of which you may want to consider: I think that it might be helpful to make a page for FAQ's in interviews, this may help more than you already have.

Comment by guest at 15:31 27/03/2011

i'm applying for a university which is more to army, and i really worry about my english language. i admit, my english are quite broken. i'm afraid, their interview will be held in english language. please help me. my e-mail address, thanks a lot.

Comment by guest at 08:01 5/04/2011

I am applying for scholarship. Anyone can help me to give sample answer for "tell me about yourself" question. I really thank you for any help. email:

Comment by guest at 10:06 7/05/2011

thank you ! i will help me a lot ! :)

Comment by guest at 07:18 8/05/2011

very nice and useful tips.thanks i have an interview next week for BScN program, would u plz send me some sample questions they would ask me.plz send it in my e-mail id thanks...

Comment by guest at 00:54 15/05/2011

hi,I have an interview for mental health nursing at BCU.Does anyone know what kind of questions they might ask? email to me at please!

comments by guest at 02:16 6/07/2011

thanx alot. tips are awesome. try to provide some sample interviews....

What colour shirt should be worn? by guest at 11:58 16/07/2011

What color shirt should be worn? and should it be white or any color or short sleeve or full sleeve and shoes should be??? thanks a lot i learnt lot of things by this....

Comment by guest at 08:07 27/07/2011

Very Very Handy, gud work.... Be Blessed

Comment by guest at 22:56 30/08/2011

It was really helpful! Thanks a lot :))

Comment by guest at 11:38 13/09/2011

i have an interview onthe 21 Septemebr for BTech in Project management can you please help me with the tips my email adress is

Comment by guest at 11:38 13/09/2011

i have an interview onthe 21 Septemebr for BTech in Project management can you please help me with the tips my email adress is

Comment by guest at 17:34 19/10/2011

Thanks very much. Your tips are very useful.

Comment by guest at 17:55 16/11/2011

im really worried i have my interview next wednesday for chester and iv never had one before! im not sure what to wear and do you know what the most commonly asked questions are? im hoping to study mental health nursing. Thanks

Comment by guest at 12:29 17/11/2011

The interview tips were very good it helped to reflect on questions that you may have forgotten expecially if you have'nt been for an interview in a while. Thank you for your support and guidance.

Comment by guest at 18:29 1/12/2011

hi erm this wa good. i was wondering if you could give me questions you think will come up on a pharmacy interview i have. thanks. also i have an admissions test... anything in particular you think will come up? email me -

Comment by guest at 20:39 3/12/2011

Hey could you give me some tips on how to succeed in a group interview (applied for an adult nursing degree)

Adult Nursing by guest at 12:14 5/12/2011

Hello, ive got an interview for adult nursing in a few days and wondered if you have any idea on what kind of questions they'll ask me any advice would be great my email address is thanks x

Comment by guest at 10:15 6/12/2011

I have an interview at a University for a Bachelor of Social Work in a few days, and I'm curious to know what sort of questions the panel may ask, please email as soon as you can, thanks. my email is:

Comment by guest at 12:24 6/12/2011

hi I have got interview tomorrow on city for civil engineering. I don't have any ideas about what kind of questions they might ask.can any one send me some ideas about it? Thank u

Comment by guest at 13:51 14/12/2011

Thankyou for the tips I'm now a lot calmer for my interview!!

Comment by guest at 13:26 5/01/2012

Before my interview i searched the web and couldn't find anything about the interview i had for Child Nursing at Plymouth University so i thought i would post what my interview was like :-) I had a 30minute written assessment where i was asked 4 questions: 1. What is the role of a children's nurse? 2. What skills do you think you have to be a children's nurse? 3. What is the most demanding aspect of the programme of study and how can you overcome this? 4. Discuss a time when you had to convey an important message to someone and say how you did this and what the end result was. The interview was 15-20minutes long, you can't prepare for this. I got given a sheet with 4 statements on and i had to choose 2 of them that i wanted to talk about. Statements were like what do you think about parents smoking in front of their children and what do you think about a disabled couple having children. Know this is easier said than done, but try not to be nervous! ha, relax and you'll be fine...

burscough bird 69 by guest at 09:49 6/01/2012

very good advice but not everyone does A level subjects i do a btec in health and social care lad. so will they ask me the same tings n dat ?

Edmund Gracian Paul by guest at 11:00 9/01/2012

Thanks 4 the fab tips. I has interview with Cambridge please email me some tips or or I look forward to reading your help.

Comment by guest at 15:53 15/01/2012

reslly good, feel better already jusy for reading the tips.

Comment by guest at 16:01 15/01/2012

reslly good, feel better already jusy for reading the tips.

Adult Nursing Testing Day for UWS by guest at 22:50 21/01/2012

I was just wondering if you could give me some advice for a group discussion and personal interview for Adult Nursing at UWS. My email address is Thankyou x

Comment by guest at 15:52 22/01/2012

Hi, I have an interview for primary teaching at Glasgow University in two weeks. I'm really nervous and I don't do well under pressure, I also don't know what questions to ask. If there is any possible chance you could help by giving any tips it would be really appreciated.. could you email any tips to ( Thank You very much.

Adult Nursing at Bedfordshire University by guest at 20:31 24/01/2012

Hello, your tips are very helpful for my preparation for my interview which Ihave on the 3rd of Febuary. As many other aplicants applying for university this year and going for interviews I am very nervous and slightly worried. I was hoping that you may have certain helpfull practise interview questions that I might be asked. Many thanks. Elise

Comment by guest at 20:54 24/01/2012

hi every one,I will be having Social work interview in 2 weeks time.So can any one write to me what type of written assessement and Interview questions can i expect?my email is (

Child Nurse by guest at 22:05 30/01/2012

i have got interview in Sheffield Hallam university. I have tried to research what sort of question the interview would ask me but can you give me the main question in child nurse. Also when the interview is done, When will they say to us that we have got a place in university or no. you can email me on for best tips, advice and questions with answers thank you

Sophie by guest at 09:54 31/01/2012

Hi I have recently applied for university, but have not yet recieved any offers for interviews, Should i be worrid.

BSc Occupational Therapy Interview by jthompson71 at 2012-01-31 12:27:23

I have an interview at Northumbria for the BSC Occupational Therapy degree later this week and was wondering if anyone can give me any tips or advice on what I can expect!!!! My email is

Music Interview by guest at 16:17 31/01/2012

These tips and prep questions are great! Bring on my interview tomorrow!

Adult nursing by guest at 00:12 10/02/2012

Hi, Thanks for you interview tips, am having interview on the 11th of April 2012 and i would like you to please Email me on this address to be expected on the interview.

Adult nursing by guest at 00:13 10/02/2012

Hi, Thanks for you interview tips, am having interview on the 11th of April 2012 and i would like you to please Email me on this address to be expected on the interview.

social work degree interview by guest at 09:50 14/02/2012

A part from the tips given, which I really appreciate, what are the other typical questions that are expected this year 2012. I am currently doing access course to HE. THANK you in advance

mental health nursing by guest at 11:18 20/02/2012

I have got an interview very soon for mental health nursing. Does anyone know what kind of questions are going to be asked at the interview?

Comment by guest at 08:58 22/02/2012

Nice one....

Social Work Newport University by guest at 18:06 27/02/2012

I have a interview soon for the above course and uni. can anyone help with any hints and tips. much appreciated.

Social Work Ba Newport Uni by ameesorrell at 2012-02-27 18:17:11

I have a interview soon for the above course and uni. can anyone help with any hints and tips. much appreciated.

nursing degree in mental health by guest at 22:15 3/03/2012

l have an interview at greenwich university in a week's time but am so nervous can u let me know the questions they ask or what to be prepared on before l go please

nursing degree in mental health by guest at 22:16 3/03/2012

l have an interview at greenwich university in a week's time but am so nervous can u let me know the questions they ask or what to be prepared on before l go please reply on thanks

nursing degree in mental health by guest at 22:19 3/03/2012

l have an interview at greenwich university in a week's time but am so nervous can u let me know the questions they ask or what should expect to talk about or anything reall that might be of help before l go please reply on thanks

Selection Day for Child Nursing - Nottingham by guest at 13:32 6/03/2012

Hello everyone, Great interview tips, firstly. I received a phone call today asking if I was available for a group interview/selection day at the University of Nottingham for Child Nursing. Very short notice, I know, but of course, I accepted as this was my first choice. If anyone is able to give me some idea of what is likely to happen, could they please email me on: Unfortunately, the course website is down so I have been unable to refer directly to their material.

Joseph- Accra by guest at 10:48 7/03/2012

Thanks for this simple but inspiring tips. I like the part that says: talk to other applicants if there is time. That will do much help. Thank you. Keep the good work up. Thanks

Adult nursing tips please by guest at 20:19 17/04/2012

Hi I have an interview next week and was wondering if you could suggest possible interview questions. Many thanks

burscough bird 69 by guest at 11:47 18/05/2012

no one has replied to my question but i went uni interview and it was da same 4 btec n dat just asked predicted grades and wanted a refernce cud be more answas doe not imprsseed hehehehehheheeh ps iya lad

Comment by guest at 15:39 11/07/2012

All tips are nice,but i want to know about how i can get over hesitation.

Comment by guest at 15:39 11/07/2012

All tips are nice,but i want to know about how i can get over hesitation.

Comment by guest at 12:59 15/08/2012

Hey great piece the only thing i think you should add is have an interesting maybe slightly out there question to ask at the end if they ask, any questions? this could be finding something out about your course or uni that only the staff or current students would know i.e a course change, you could ask if that would affect you and it would show your dedication to that particular uni (especially if you are asked how you found out about said question)

Comment by guest at 09:58 30/09/2012

Hai i have an interview tomorrow to Dental Technology and i want to know questions i will meet there tomorrow

mental health nursing interview by guest at 15:29 30/10/2012

I have an interview on monday at university campus suffolk on mental health nursing, do you have any idea of what to expect cause am so nervous about email address '

Occupational therapy Bsc hons interview by guest at 00:00 25/11/2012

My name is chloe and I have an interview at Salford university for the part time degree. They don't tend to take school leavers so if anyone can help me to be confident and stand out please leet me know thanks

Neena by guest at 21:35 13/12/2012

Hi, I have a child nursing interview at bradford university next tuesday 18th december. its a group interview. can you give me any advice and tips on what they might ask during the group child nursing interview. please reply back on Your help will be much appreciated

Comment by guest at 21:43 20/12/2012

Hi. I have applied for adult nursing and have an interview at a university in January. i have been researching interview techniques and have found your page really helpful, however i was just wondering if there was any further advice which could be given specific to adult nursing and in preparation to my interview. my email is feedback would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Comment by guest at 16:21 13/01/2013

Dis is jst d best tip I av ever got. It works cos I av tried it.

No Information on Tips page by guest at 21:33 31/01/2013

The Tips page is blank :-(

OK so random question???? by guest at 15:23 1/02/2013

Ok so got an interview at Salford for Social work in March, It will be my third interview so kinda know what to expect. But other members of my class (am on Access at Manchester college) have interviews before me, and found out straight away. Is there any reason for this?, We all sent our UCAS on the same day. Is it better to attend an interview day first or last? it just kinda feels like the uni wasn't sure about this last group.....

Adult Nursing INTERVIEW by guest at 00:39 9/04/2013

Hi everyone, I have an interview at Worcester for Adult Nursing and wondered if anyone knew what to expect or could advise me on the type of interview or questions they will have. Also good luck to anyone else in my position

Comment by guest at 09:38 11/06/2013

hi i have an interview next week at UWS for BA in childhood studies. Was wondering if you could give me any tips on what sort of questions they may ask me? im very nervous and not good when put on the spot, so trying my best to be prepared. any help would be greatly appreciated, my email address is

Comment by guest at 09:39 11/06/2013

hi i have an interview next week at UWS for BA in childhood studies. Was wondering if you could give me any tips on what sort of questions they may ask me? im very nervous and not good when put on the spot, so trying my best to be prepared. any help would be greatly appreciated, my email address is

Comment by guest at 16:13 1/07/2013

These interview tips are very useful to who prepare for interview.

Comment by guest at 21:49 5/09/2013

Thank you for the tips

Radiography interview qestiones 2013 by guest at 23:10 27/10/2013

Can a current Radiographer at University of West of England email me the interview question he/ she was asked? Was there any written questioners as well? If yes would be thankful if could email also. Email : thanks

Comment by guest at 17:39 25/12/2013

Hi, I have my first one-to-one interview for Adult Nursing which am really nervous about. I just need some tips on what questions I might be asked. If you can help me out, please email Thankyou.

Comment by guest at 19:45 22/01/2014

I've applied for BSc Adult Nursing undergraduate course at UWS, I have been invited to attend the testing, could you please provide me with information on the different types of essay questions that would be asked and information on the numeracy test please.

Comment by Qauntaya at 2014-04-02 16:57:25

I have an interview for the social work degree. Would appreciate an insight on written test and interview. You can email me at Many thanks.

Comment by guest at 10:50 20/04/2014

I have an interview for the medical degree in cuba, but base in SA,Ukzn Durban. Would appreciate an insight on written test and email is makepisi8@gmail

Comment by guest at 10:50 20/04/2014

I have an interview for the medical degree in cuba, but base in SA,Ukzn Durban. Would appreciate an insight on written test and email is makepisi8@gmail

help by guest at 11:11 19/05/2014

i love it but i am going for an admission interview tomorrow on B.Sc health administration i need help. here is my email thank you

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A few comments which I trust you will read. The opening paragraph sets the tone of the entire statement, and has an amazing amount of influence. Don't waste it on repeating what's so obvious for a start, and it'd do well to shift the focus onto you (from the very start, as opposed to the second paragraph) and leaving your political philosophy to be built upon that. The first two paragraphs could be compressed into three quarters of its current length easily, or half with some effort, which would work very well in creating space along with being more succinct - which, if the integrity of what content you have is preserved and not reduced, hints at the workings of a very adept mind. So drop the long, winding trail of words. What would you think of my take of your first few lines of the second paragraph: "It was the post 9/11 threat that so shook the Western world [(and the best laid plans of mice and men in it) if you're a sucker for relevant embodied quotes that a well read person would be familiar, like I am] that aroused in me a desire to examine the political climates across different socioeconomic contexts. I can empathize with the plight of violated human rights, yet weigh that and the 'relentless erosion of fundamental British freedoms' against the apotheosis of politics: the stability, that the implemented politics are purported to achieve." I just made up that, disagree with it all you want, just note the style and the unspoken things that I believe the person who reads your statement will pick up - 1) it's not just endless "I did" "I did that" which must get annoying after reading hundreds of personal statements that are based on just that! Of course it is a personal statement, not an essay, and the use of the first person pronoun is crucial, but try to toss more material into a sentence by extending it seems to make you sound more sophisticated - else I'm hugely deluded, ha. Secondly, the use of "western world" is probably far more appropriate than implying (by saying nothing) that the entire world is caught up in a post 9/11 fear, as your course is for international relations. Did you know that millions of people cheered as they watched the twin towers collapse, in various parts of the world? They didn't see terrorism; they saw that the country oppressing them was hit back at - and whilst I fully, absolute condemn the 9/11 attacks, don't anyone ever forget that non-single-events, such as economic policies, can give rise to the wealth of nations or lay the road for their ruin. For example, US agricultural subsidies cause millions of tonnes of foodstuffs in African countries to rot as they cannot be sold in the US market - causing the death of millions as children wilt in poverty, and the loss of trillions of potential dollars over any sizable amount of time. The point I'm raising here that it's of utmost importance to know the different opinions pertaining to one issue, and understand their socioeconomic reasons - no need to agree of course, but demonstrating this will definitely impress in a statement for international relations, and especially for an event like 9/11. Third, it'd be nice to integrate a quote or two if only to add a purple passage. Within reason, appropriate, and subtle - no quotation marks for quotes, they just break the flow of the piece. I amongst many hate them. Speaking of making things flow, there are long sentences, short sentences, all used appropriately, but I can't comment on that like this. I made up a little about 'stability' at the end, seeing that many historical wars were fought if only to preserve the status quo - lesser known wars that are not so known to the general public, since they are so overshadowed others of course. It's highly ironic that wars to preserve the status quo of peace were waged, but that's what happened across the world, most notably in Europe in the 17th? 18th? century - I forgot when, I'm just a chemistry student at imperial. Back to my point, it's worth a shot give your say on the philosophy of politics, which you have done for the event of 9/11, but not for the nature of an aspect of politics itself. You know and I know that few people do so at all - and those who aren't capable of it, or omit it, are passing up a chance to impress them with your opinion and showing them you can think deeper than the average person. It also makes a really good change from the typical "little rant on the course I want to apply for here" "little rant on my subjects I do" "some extracurricular things I've done" "my interests" kind of thing - you want to set yourself apart by demonstrating the superiority of your mind and your eloquence through these 47 lines. Never mind if you're not spot on, on the philosophy - few things in politics are absolutes anyways. Of course, if you really have no idea, then ignore what I've said. Enough of what I wrote. Reduce the A level's stuff. Talk instead about distinctions in any subjects you may have achieved if you can, what you've done outside e.g. for yours "I've learnt to essay on a variety of subjects complementary to international relations, such the huge impacts of religion and a state's geography on its politics/IR". Never make yourself sound mundane here, out of all: everyone is a student, and it's better to say nothing than risk making yourself sound like an average student who does average stuff. Stand out. Really can't do that? You like IR, you'll know politics, you'll know how to emphasize certain things and leave out others! I certainly agree with the first comment that your last paragraph has a lot of good material, and could be better placed elsewhere - it's the getting involved with the community bit that really sells you. For as far as courses go, few unis are eager to jump at someone who contributes very little to society - perhaps in the more academic subjects, they may be more lenient as compared to a subject that requires hands-on participation such as international relations! There's a lot more which I've decided I can't be bothered saying, I hope this helps, and don't be afraid to reject all my ideas. I'm writing this for the sake and in the hope that others will see this and refer it to their friends. Lastly, it's worth spending dozens of hours into this, if not even more: what's a few days work compared to many years gained or lost simply by which uni you get into? It is, yes, but one step of many, but a crucial one at that, and I wish you all, all the best.

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I like this PS :D it's engaging. It'll be fantastic once you change things here and there. I'm in no position to comment as I am applying for Politics this year :)

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its a real good statment :)

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it is very good, i dont think it needs much changing, have you had any offers or anything yet?