Information & Communication Technology Personal Statement Example 3

I have been interested in ICT from the day when we got our first 386Mhz Pentium processor computer. For those times it was very fast but technology has changed very quickly

My reason for choosing this course is clear, I have always been interested in working with new technology. It appeals to me because it is a dynamic area that offers the chance of lifetime learning.

I have already taught myself JavaScript language from a book called"JavaScript the Definitive Guide" by David Flanagan and I am also interested in learning other languages such as Visual Basic.

At the moment I am looking at a language called DarkBasic.

Whenever I hear of new technology I always have to find out about it.

A good example of this is Bluetooth, which is like infrared except this beam doesn't need to be pointing to where it is going. Mobile phones and hand held computers are using this at the moment in totally hands free headsets and communication between hand held computers.

I have found out that they are developing it for use in computer hardware such as keyboards and mice. In ICT I am undertaking two coursework projects, which involve designing and implementing a spreadsheet and a database system. I enjoy this aspect of the course because of its vocational side.

I have always been interested in hands on subjects such as this because I see them as more of a challenge in the way that you have to create a fully working system for a real end-user

I am also very interested in the actual workings of the computer. I am always upgrading our home computer. So far I have put in a new hard drive, added more ram, added in PCI cards such as modems and TV cards and I have also added drives such as CD/R drives and DVD drives.

I have done some work experience with a company called PI Computer Systems in St. Albans who make and programme the servers at the headquarters of the American Yellow Pages. I worked with all of the programmers and I learnt what it is like to be in a business environment, there, you are responsible for your own work and have to deal with the consequences if you do not perform well.

When you are working in a business of this type you are working in a team and if you don't play your part, then you let the whole team down

I enjoy embarking on projects in and around my home. This has included designing and building an area of the garden, which hadn't been used properly before. I subscribe to the New Scientist magazine to update on new developments. I have also undertaken many woodwork projects in areas of the house that have needed improving

I have represented my school at rugby at U13 and U14 level and been captain of the school table tennis team at the same level as rugby. I have represented my house in athletics for four years. I enjoy playing and watching football, tennis and golf and I have represented my religion school for football.

I am hoping to pursue my sporting activities at university. Last year I trained to be a peer group counsellor where I gained valuable experience, because it taught me to try and help others who may be in serious trouble. I have also got a First Aid certificate, which I obtained in 2001

I was disappointed with my A Level results last year but I am determined to make things right this year, which I am confident in doing. I am thoroughly looking forward to pursuing my interests both academically and socially and I am eager to experience the challenge that university brings. I believe I have the necessary enthusiasm and skill to be a successful and effective student at university.

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I think there shouldnt be any negative speech in the personal statement, so dere is no need 4 any disappointment in ALevel result and sum few other errors need lil bit of tiding up.

Lol, I think you should talk

Lol, I think you should talk in proper language.


LOL reading personal statements is more entertaining then I thought. Here's another language for you to learn, how about english? And lol you didn't have to explain what bluetooth is, omg.

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