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My decision to study history was not a difficult one. I have long been fascinated by everything concerned with it, including historical findings and the icons we admire. I want to study history because it reveals to us human experiences of the past and how that relates to our present. It does this by examining every conceivable aspect of our existence.

It takes as its field of study the entire human experience in all times and places, but does this in ways that pay very close attention to the specific issues and differences amongst this. I have been at the centre of heated debates and discussions on questions such as whether the bombing of Hiroshima was a war crime or an act of modern warfare to other questions such as whether the arrival of Marxism was the ultimate reason for the collapse of Russian autocracy.

To consolidate a sound view I made research by reading articles and I thoroughly examined books such as 'Remembering Hiroshima' by Francis X. Winters to provide me with the evidence needed to support my judgement. From what I found, I made it essential to critically scrutinize the evidence at hand, to then articulate my answer exempt from any biases. Earlier this year I also read 'The Communist Manifesto' by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It was intriguing as I identified how and why it was such an influential political manuscript, which still today remains to act as an influence on contemporary life and people's political and social views.

My study during A-levels has only strengthened my decision further. Religious Studies has enabled me to explore an array of different philosophical theories which have made me extremely inquisitive about the great thinkers of the past and their historically ground-breaking views. The subject has equipped me with excellent communication skills, both written and oral, the ability to scrutinise and summarise complex material and construct innovative and well thought-out solutions to ethical issues.

Additionally, as a testament to my communication skills, I am able to gain the confidence of others and persuade them to agree with my views. Moreover, English has encouraged me to write clearly and concisely. It is through this that I have acquired the skills of arguing cogently and effectively through my own writing. One other reason why I want to study history is to extend my knowledge and further my appreciation of the subject. I want to not only be educated to a high level, but I would also like to develop the skills needed to maintain an extremely high level conversation on historical topics.

Last year I travelled to Brussels with other history students. We took the opportunity to visit several historic landmarks one of which was Brussels Town Hall which saw the assembling of a provisional government during the Belgian revolution in 1830. We also visited the European Parliament; there we met various politicians one of whom was the distinguished Jean Lambert MEP. I currently work for JD Sports at one of Britain's busiest airports, Gatwick. My role as a Sales Assistant has developed skills such as punctuality, confidence and how to provide excellent and reliable service.

I regularly attend my local chess club taking part in competitions and tournaments at club level. This has inspired me to teach and encourage others to play the game which I thoroughly enjoy. I also regularly jog and swim to maintain a good level of fitness which not only benefits me physically but mentally.

In the past, from competitive and high level events such as cricket games and Cross Country Running competitions I have developed the enthusiasm to always achieve the highest results I can. Participating in events like these has developed the passion and motivation I need for wanting to achieve. I intend on utilising these traits to be successful in my degree. On completion of my degree I expect to pursue History by studying for a Master's degree. With that I will choose to specialise in Modern History.

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