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A visit to Ypres and seeing the war memorials in person of soldiers who lost their lives, each for their own reasons, including patriotism, to defend loved ones, for adventure, or even a decent meal, developed an understanding in me. In many regards, the 20th century should be seen as the century of war. From the two great wars, fought first largely on the European continent, to the globalisation of war in the Second World War, Cold War proxy wars, and wars of liberation.

The personality of Adolf Hitler, and how this led him to have an almost insatiable desire for territory, is an area of my 20th Century German History curriculum that I found great interest in. 'Namibia: Genocide and the Second Reich', a documentary by BBC, provided me with a unique perspective on why Hitler was driven to eventually attack Poland, by seeing how the Second Reich had taken the land of those in Namibia.

This shares a striking similarity to the militaristic actions taken in 1939 by the Third Reich. One of the works of Ian Kershaw, 'Working Towards the Führer', gave me further insight into his motivations, and why people would be inclined to support him. Both Hitler and Mussolini before him developed a support base, and then extended its influence by creating myths around their own personas. Seeing the effects that propaganda had on the people of Italy despite the visible flaws that manifested itself in the Battle for Grain for example, was a topic of Fascist Italy that I took further in my own studies, which the contemporary book 'The Cult of the Duce: Mussolini and the Italians' presents well.

The University of Nottingham's 'Propaganda and Ideology in Everyday Life', a 5 week online course, gave me a perfect mix of a past and present insight into how propaganda was and is still used as of today, delving into other areas of 20th century history such as the Soviet Union, which despite its downfall in 1991, the oligarchy government that is seen in Russia today has near similar roles of power that elite individuals possess, albeit distributing a more discrete form of propaganda.

The causation of the Salem witch trials of 1692 is another area which I have read deeply on. While I believe that the Puritan society of Salem was the root of it, referenced in Paul Boyer's 'Salem Possessed', Mary Beth Norton labels it to have stemmed from misogyny in her book 'In the Devil's Snare'. Robin Briggs contrasts this view, arguing that more men were persecuted than women in places such as Iceland. My plans to complete work experience at a local museum will give me a greater understanding of the Essex witch trials, while also working hand in hand with both the staff and customers there, thus expanding my ability to work as a core part of a team, while also challenging me with managing my time from school and work.

Studying product design has given me an insight into how major historical events such as the industrial revolution have influenced the design and manufacture of products, as well as developing my social and analytical skills by working alongside my clients and resolving problems. Information Technology has provided me with statistical skills in the form of a database unit, which provides an indistinguishable method of reaching a conclusion to history by analysing data from a range of different sources. I have assisted GCSE students in the form of mentoring for History.

This was composed of informing them on how to improve their essays, as well as reiterating my past understanding of GCSE History, while also filling any gaps in their knowledge, further motivating me to pursue work outside of my education in this field. Running and cycling are a hobby of mine that aid in staying motivated to complete work. Ultimately, a history degree will give me an unparalleled opportunity to research fascinating subjects, while also providing life changing skills that are fundamental to the field of law, an area which I intend to pursue after an undergraduate degree.

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