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I have always been fascinated by history. Through studying different periods of history from medieval to early modern through to the present day I have gained an understanding into some of the crucial developments that have determined what course our future would take.

During my time at University my knowledge and interest in history has exceeded to new levels. Studying history offers a freedom that many other disciplines lack. There are no boundaries that can restrict the study of the past and with each new source discovered historians can move closer to finding the truth. My experience at University has taught me to challenge existing historical interpretations and to pose new questions in order to explore a particular issue and arrive at my own conclusions. Studying History at degree level has improved my existing skills whilst giving me new ones. Through the knowledge I have gained from independent reading and guided teaching I can effectively engage with historical debate and identify key issues within an interpretation. I also feel that my knowledge of the different ways that historians can approach history has given me the confidence to detect the strengths and weaknesses of an historian’s argument. Studying at this level has given me a solid base to build upon. I enjoy classroom teaching but I also get personal fulfilment from carrying out independent research.

Most aspects of British and European History interest me but my main interest lies in the social and cultural history of Wales and Britain. One aspect of this interest has been analysing the social and cultural repercussions of economic and demographic changes that were taking place in Wales between the years 1847-1914. Rapid industrialisation transformed Wales. Economic changes, demographic redistribution and urbanisation all threatened the Welsh culture, its language and its religion. It is so intriguing to discover how one change can transform a whole culture and society so that it is almost unrecognizable from before.

Outside of university I enjoy meeting up with friends and going out and using the time to relax. Watching television is also a past time I enjoy but I try to keep active and go the gym when I can.

There are so many avenues that I have yet to explore and I hope that by studying at post-graduate level I will be able to gain an insight into some of these. My precise career plans are undecided at this stage; teaching is an option that I am considering as this would allow me to continue my interest in history. However, I am very clear that I wish to continue my studies at postgraduate level.

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'I enjoy meeting up with

'I enjoy meeting up with friends...'
This is very weak, you're trying to impress so don't mention that you like watching television!!!


I really like and appreciate your article post. Will read on...

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