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Geography is constantly helping humans to understand the environment we are placed in and adapt ourselves to it.

Through understanding we can improve our reactions to this ever changing natural landscape and learn the importance of taking care of this dynamic environment. I am applying to this course because I have a passion for all aspects of geography – from the physical to the regional it is constantly appealing to my mind.

By further studying Geography it will enlighten me even more on its importance and how it impacts us all and also provide an enjoyable learning experience for my most interesting subject.

The spark of interest for Geography for me can be traced back to my 1st year of secondary school when I first dived into a study of Geography but I never fully created a passion until I was in 4th year of secondary school as it was then that I began to comprehend how to world is physically constantly working, changing, and constantly developing.

I believe I possess great sociable abilities which can be displayed through my community involvement like youths clubs (CEF Youth Challenge and my church’s youth club “United”) and also my involvement in multiple sports clubs including Aikido. I also gained great teamwork skills by playing drums on a band for a camp of 500+ people and also playing for my church’s music team.

Along with these team sports and activities I also enjoy individual events like Javelin and Discus. For both those events I have competed at All-Ireland level representing my school. I have a keen interest in chess in which I also compete with the school achieving 1st Place Girl at 2 tournaments in 2013 and 2014.

My interest in photography led me to enter a competition entitled “5-a-Day for your Mental Health” organised by Sligo’s Comhairle na nÓg in which I achieved 1st Place. I am also an enthusiastic reader which encourages me to explore many topics.

I also enjoy other extra-curriculum activities, some of which allow me to take a position of leadership which helped to added responsibility to my character.

For example I have been on the committee to organise both the 2015 and 2016 “Seachtain na Gaeilge” (a week celebrating Irish culture) in my school and in those same years I was one of three committee members for the school’s Christian Union. This position also developed my public speaking abilities and I would give a talk every so often at the meetings.

My 2014 Junior Certificate conveys my hardworking nature as I achieved 7 Higher Level Bs (including Geography) and 1 Higher Level A (in Technical Graphics). My 2015 aptitude test results revealed that I scored in the 99th Percentile for Abstract Reasoning and in the 95th Percentile for both Space Relations and Numerical Reasoning.

I also scored over the 86th Percentile in Mechanical Reasoning, Clerical Speed and Accuracy and Verbal Reasoning. The results bring to light my problem solving abilities and logical, mathematical mind.

I believe my experience in voluntary work also benefited me by teaching me to put others before myself and also educating me about the world around me. I have helped at multiple events with Special Olympics Ireland and am also a registered volunteer with “Invisible Traffik” in Sligo.

I also raised over €1500 on a team with 2 other people or a sponsored charity skydive. This developed my initiative to organise events and my enthusiasm for getting out of my comfort zone.

I have done a lot of research into this career in a plethora of ways. My primary source of information was the internet.

I researched the typical course content for study and also what opportunities may arise when I graduate. There are many different roads to travel down but I feel I would be most suited to teaching Geography at second level.

I would love to be able to apply my enthusiasm and ambition to this course. I feel all the characteristics that have developed in me over the last few years would help me to achieve my career path.

I have full support from my family who encourage me to follow this dream. I also have a willingness to travel to places far or near even if it means getting out of my comfort zone to help achieve my goal. I believe this higher education will create a strong foundation for my future that I can build upon.

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his is my first draft of a personal statement so would appreciate any helpful advice or comments. I will be applying to Northern Ireland (Queen's Uni) and the Republic of Ireland where I live (UCD and TCD)


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