Geography Personal Statement Example (Gap Year) 1

Geography has inspired me from a young age and I believe that growing up in Scotland has had an important role to play in this.

The country's geography, to me, can never fail to impress, particularly the city of Edinburgh. Here, it is not only the physical aspects but also the human aspects that have convinced me that Geography is the subject I wish to study at university level.

The capital has many spectacular features, all of which fascinate me, but in particular it is how the environment and people that interact together that has truly inspired

My interest does not solely lie with Edinburgh however: a trip to the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District during my Higher course further developed my passion for the subject.

It provided me with a chance to experience first hand the limestone and glacial features I had learnt about in the classroom.

It was this experience that persuaded me to make a further commitment by choosing it in the form of the Advanced Higher course. I have found the course to be highly interesting and I believe it has helped me prepare for the challenge of studying Geography in Higher Education.

My application for a gap year stems from the desire to gain valuable work experience. This will also give me a once in a lifetime opportunity to take part in conservation work in South Africa.

It is something I have always been exceedingly interested in doing and I believe that it would only further my enjoyment and enthusiasm for Geography. I feel that South Africa is an appropriate choice for this experience as the country is rich with so many stunning geographical features.

A gap year would also aid my preparation for university life as I believe the experience would improve my confidence and independence.

I contribute towards my school by being a buddy to a group of first year pupils. This involves me regularly meeting with them and offering support when they require it.

This benefits my role as chairperson of the sixth year Junior Activities Committee in which I organise events for the first year students at my school.

Currently, I am working within a team to organise a whole year group trip to the theatre outwith school hours. My involvement in this task has not only taught me the importance of working to deadlines and setting realistic goals, but also vital skills in communication and team motivation.

For four hours a week I am helping out in my local community by volunteering at an Animal Welfare Centre. My position there has taught me to appreciate the value of hard work and perseverance as I am regularly required to work in a team with challenging animals.

During the summer I have volunteered at a local Shelter charity shop. My time there was enjoyable as I was trusted to work with money and it gave me the perfect opportunity to improve my communication skills with both staff and customers. During my fourth year I took part in a week's work placement at a library.

Throughout this experience I learned useful IT and filing skills and it also gave me a further opportunity to work closely with the public, something which I thoroughly enjoyed. Other extra curricular activities I take part in include baking for friends and local charity events. Through this I feel I have learnt invaluable time management and organisational skills.

This degree, which I feel passionate about and committed to attain, combined with the career opportunities that it could offer me, is an exciting prospect.

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