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My desire to study Geography stems from my enjoyment of this subject throughout my school career; particularly at AS level. I find that the topics I learn about in class are all relevant to experiences in my life. I can understand when the government talks about the problem of the aging population, I can explain how globalisation will affect our everyday lives and I can even predict if the clouds in the sky will lead to rainfall.

I am currently studying Geography, Maths and French at A-level. Studying Geography has simulated my interest for the subject and through writing essays I have started to develop the analytical skills needed for my degree. By studying Maths I have not only increased my logic and problem-solving capabilities but I have also had the chance to take a statistics module; I anticipate that the techniques I learn here will be valuable when analysing any present and future investigation work.. I feel that having knowledge of another language will be extremely useful particularly in our ever increasing international society, through learning French I have had the opportunity to gain this, I believe this will only help me in my degree and future career.

During my studies I have found that I am more interested in Human Geography, therefore although my A-level subjects are more science based, I have decided to study the BA. Ultimately I would like a degree which allows a certain amount of flexibility between both the physical and human disciplines I hope that by studying for a Geography degree I will gain a valuable insight into the current social, political and economic climate of the world which will be useful throughout my life.

Having recently completed an Open University module ‘Planets: An Introduction’ I feel that I have begun to develop my independent learning skills, to complete this project I had to self-regulate my time to ensure I met the deadline. I feel I managed this well finishing my project well before the date by which it was due to be handed in.

Throughout Year 12, outside of my normal curriculum, I took part in a scheme called ‘Young Enterprise’ this is where a group of young people, with the help of an advisor, set-up and run their own business. My business ‘Oops’ was highly successful generating over £500 profit, an experience which I am particularly proud of is winning the ‘best presentation’ prize at the regional finals, this is a particular highlight because I contributed greatly to this effort as I co-wrote the presentation and performed it on stage. Through ‘Young Enterprise’ I have learnt a lot about how to work well and negotiate in a group and also about the importance of good organisational skills, especially when having to work towards a tight deadline.

This year I completed a week of work experience at a ‘Cabinet d’advocat’ in France. This is an experience which although was hard work, was extremely rewarding. It required me to be highly independent and highly adaptable as to have a successful week I had to merge fully into the French culture, with the hardest aspect being the language barrier. I feel that I coped well which is a reflection of my abilities to cope with change and adjust to a completely different lifestyle.
I have been learning Shotokan Karate for three and a half years and I have currently attained the grade of 3rd Kyu, when I commence my studies at university I aim to be a 1st Kyu, one away from black belt, therefore it is a sport which I will continue with while I study. Through karate my confidence and determination has improved dramatically. I have now begun to teach grades lower than myself; something which has proven to be a highly gratifying experience.

University is an experience which I am extremely looking forward too. I believe I have acquired the skills to fully cope with the challenge of balancing both the academic and social sides. I am excited by the prospect of going to university and I am sure that I will have a successful three years.

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This personal statement was written by rachelrainbow321 for application in 2007.

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I think this is the final thing, it may have undergone some slight tweeks before sending it off to ucas.


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Well worth a read

This is a fab statement,really helped with composing my own structure.thank you


i would really recommend this piece to anyone that feels they have an interest in geography but don't know how to incoperate their love of the subject into a personal a statement

Thank you for giving us this

Thank you for giving us this personal statement as well as a few others I am now able to write up my own personal statement.


helped a lot


this is basically my life!

geog maths and french

young enterprise

french work experience



this statement has really given me a focus for my geography piece by helping me show how much i love the subject. thanks

This is a really great

This is a really great statement which reaaly helped me compose my own. Thanks!

This is a really good

This is a really good personal statement. where did u apply to and did u get all of your offers?
thanks a lot

nice work, friend

Hi aye buey, like the day?


your ideas have been inspiring to me in my preparation of mind


this is an awesome Personal Statement, helped me with my structure and is quite alike mine with a keen interest in geography.


version 4.0

For those I am competing with!

For those whom are applying to the same program and university as I am please use this SOP. I will surely give me a great advantage over you. This SOP is crap!

Absoloutley fantastic

i Love young enterprise, my life revolves around french and geography, back in taz i used to be national young enterprise of the year !!!! i'm 45 and have a passion for personal statements, this is AWSOME !!!

Brilliant statement gave me a

Brilliant statement gave me a lot of help with my own I would recommend reading it to anyone who is unsure or could use some help composing their own.

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