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When moving from GCSE to A Level I approached the two ‘new’ subjects I had chosen with excitement and some trepidation. I now realise taking Politics and Economics was the right choice. My experiences of A Level Economics have shown me the fundamental part it plays in our lives and I am keen to study it in more depth and be able to use my knowledge to complete individual economic based studies.

I am especially interested in the political nature of economics and feel that the two disciplines are complementary. I also enjoy looking at the Economics of Work & Leisure as it emphasises the importance economics has on consumer choices in everyday life. I enjoy this as it looks at the subject in a practical sense rather than simply theory.

I keep up to date with current economic affairs by reading ‘The Economist’ and ‘The Times’. I have been on Work Experience in a Minister’s Parliamentary Office where I was fascinated by the diversity of issues dealt with. I work with Politics on a local level and attended the Sutton Borough Youth Parliament Election Workshops to learn how young people can be active in politics.

I have been responsible for setting up and running a Cookery Club for lower school pupils, which involves planning recipes and leading the sessions. I also run an Yr7 netball team and am a Form Prefect, which has all helped me play an active role in school life, and enabled me to develop my organisational skills. I have been able to extend my leadership skills as well as my roles being rewarding and fulfilling. I am part of the Yearbook team which has given me a chance to improve presentation skills and liaise with companies regarding production.

Completing The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award has improved my team work, stamina and ability to plan. I was able to enrol in the CISCO networking programme and have learnt how to set up and run computer networks. I have been part of a team who have set up a School Council which has improved my interpersonal skills and leadership skills. These have been backed up by previous work experience placements in large and small companies.

For as long as I can remember I have had a love of sports and have represented my school at athletics, netball and hockey amongst others. I am a keen spectator and have been to many events including the Commonwealth Games.

I hold an NCFE Exercise Certificate and intend to use this knowledge to further develop my coaching ability. I wish to remain involved in sport whilst at university and beyond. I enjoy travelling, and my passion for skiing has enabled me to visit a number of European countries and the USA. I am energised by the prospect of facing new challenges at university, including working and living independently. I have the will and ability to succeed and strive for excellence in everything I do.

A bit cliched, and my dad's a teacher and that shows. I think I balanced academic work things with interests well, even though probably wrote a bit too much on my outside interests than is advised.
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how the hell can someone have

how the hell can someone have time to be a perfect student, outgoing, popular, athletic and have bare holidays at the same time.its not possible where i come from.

It's not possible..

It's not possible..

Good Content but needs loads

Good Content but needs loads of work - Notice how 95% of the sentences in this PS start with "I"... Not advisable

Anyone using the word bare, i

Anyone using the word bare, i.e. "bare holidays" can't be any of the things you described, let alone a combination of them.

Because it makes no sense? In

Because it makes no sense? In actual fact, to take one defition, bare means 'scarcely or just sufficient' - in the opposite light of what people mean.

On the PS: there are a lot of very impressive ECs, but I think it somewhat overshadows his interest/passion in economics which in my opinion is most important.

Good luck to 2007 applicants!

You NEEED 2 write MORE about

You NEEED 2 write MORE about d SUBJECT!!! and LESS about your lifestory!!




what are you doing now sophdoph

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