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I am currently studying BTEC business level 3, year 2 extended Diploma at Bedford College where I take on many different tasks and assignments which will test my knowledge throughout this course. Business studies also helped me expand business skills whilst increasing networking opportunities.

At University I will have learnt the fundamentals and go on to learn about major global economies.
I am a hugely determined young, hard worker that will stop at nothing to achieve my aim in life. I feel I have the potential and ambition to get my grades which will enable me to get where I want to in life.

When considering the course, I should take, it was easy to show passion towards a financial course. I have a strong influence in my family, e.g. my uncle ran a successful catering business, my dad is a CFO in an international manufacturing company, my mum is a finance admin in a middle school and my brother is at a financial course at a good university.

International Finance- Since upper school I have always known that I wanted to pursue a career in economics and finance. I used to see my uncle’s financial reports and seeing things such as costs, expenditure, net profits, tax, and employee wages. Just looking at these sheets of numbers, fascinated me at a young age as there was an atmosphere of curiosity. I want to understand the mechanics on overseas taxes, foreign affairs, self-interest strategies, national interest while achieving goals within its international regions.

Economics- I want to infuse Economics with the financial aspect. I believe Economics will give me a greater understanding of how international companies operate and the impacts on what businesses can do to countries’ economies. Also, to increase my business aspect; look into further economic downfall/ upwards detailing and gaining the knowledge for myself to predict future business trends.

Economics with investments- I have been fascinated by the idea of stock markets for a long time. To show I am dedicated to an Economic and Investment course, I invest in some share stocks myself. In addition to this, I have done research into the different stock markets, bonds(mutual), forex, currency trading, penny stock, short- selling theories etc. Another huge part of this would be investments, from things such as ownership, lending, cash equivalents, bank, peer-to-peer, asset division or allocation investment. A huge part of Economics is finance, so intertwining the two spectres would make sense.

Throughout my previous work experience at British Heart Foundation, I learned a lot of skills such as people skills, interpersonal skills and excellent communication skills. Sadly, I knew someone affected by heart disease, so any time that I’m free I like to check BHF if they require any help.

One personnel achievement I was awarded are football trophies, as football is one of my hobbies. One season, I was awarded 4 trophies including the main one, “Players’ player award”. I was extremely thrilled I won this trophy as I worked very hard for my team, manager and this was recognised. I really enjoy this as it encouraged team work, communication and a sense of achievement.

I enjoy listening to music and am interested and keeping updated with new cutting edge technology. I also like socializing and finding out new things as I like to hear from other people’s viewpoints; strengthening my knowledge.

From months of researching, I have finally found the location that would, suit me best. I am interested in the location of London Universities. As a city, this is where the major financial influences lie, i.e. financial institutes, banks, opportunities for future self-development etc. These factors are all important to keep in mind when choosing a University. In London, particularly, the diversity of international cultures, competitive markets, innovative atmosphere and the broad aspect of knowledge available; fascinates me.

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