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Ever since the commencement of high school studies, I was keen to know application of mathematics in factuality. Its abstract nature intrigued me to question my teachers about relevance and usefulness to mankind. I wanted to apply my learning and understanding invariably in real world circumstances.

It was until the introduction of Operations Research, while studying at college, which satiated my yearning to a certain extent. The problem solving and analytical techniques in Operations Research fostered the logic and decision making, which I believe, is one key component for developing models in real world or an approach towards mathematical modeling.

The process of creating mathematical representation of a real-world scenario to make predictions or provide insights captivated my interest. Although real world problems are often open ended and require iterative methods, but would also promote problem solving skills, creativity and innovation.

Besides Math, my interest in computing initiated right while coding the first program in C++ during bachelors. The backend scripting while using mobile phone, social media, scanning barcode at grocery or making online transactions, escalated my enthusiasm. I believed in the vigorous nature of programming and its effectiveness to engage world dynamically.

Also the symbiotic relation of computing and mathematics led me towards researching pathways blending the two disciplines, to evolve more powerful outcomes which would inherit the scientific and analytic approaches. While discussing it with a friend last year, I got introduced to the big data world and the interdisciplinary field of Data Science, combining aspects of statistics, mathematics, programming and domain expertise to address real problems. I was looking forward to traverse a similar realm and hence Data Science receives preference.

My previous studies helped to gain essential strategic and adaptive reasoning in the study of Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and Calculus. Integration of mathematics with computing widens the scopes and facilitates challenging yet interesting opportunities. This has instilled passion in me to explore computing specializations like Algorithms, Data structures and Programming fundamentals.

For the past six months I have been working diligently, enrolled in several courses to learn programming fundamentals with Python, SQL basics, Foundations of Data Science, k-Means clustering in Python and also Machine Learning concepts on self-learning platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Simplilearn and Youtube. Successful execution of programs like Conversion scales, time zones, board game and DNA processing using Python, exhilarated me and imparted encouragement. Although this helped me immensely to acquire foundational understanding of the subject. However, I needed more holistic education to gain mastery by pursuing formal studies and enrolling in university.

I started looking for reputed universities to pursue masters in Data science or related computer science streams. I figured that the role of data scientist is one of the most in-demand jobs currently in UK and US. Most likely its demand will originate in other regions of the world. My preference towards UK was obvious for couple of reasons. One year master’s program itself is an advantage from an international student perspective. Ever since inception, British universities are known for quality education and accreditation across the world. Many prominent world personalities from all walks of life, have graduated from English universities.

Joining on campus program at foreign land is much more than just universities. It is about the place, environment, people and also the facilities prevailing. As an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia, for about ten years, I have learnt this significantly. Cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds provide residence to several expatriate communities exhibiting diverse vibrant cultures.

The world has reached a stage when every conceivable organization is becoming data-driven. Like the vast and ever-expanding universe, the big data fields are in a perpetual expansion mode, both fascinate me. Data is becoming more valuable in fast-paced life and this is creating a plethora of opportunities for data-centric roles in reputed organizations. It is no exaggeration to state that Data Science is making astonishing progress in the multiple domains of technology, economy, commerce and medicine.

After completing masters, I look forward to join established organization to acquire mastery and gain hands on experience in Data Science. However, time ahead, I would like to start a company where I can design advance models with the acquired knowledge and expertise from all the domains. For instance model like – ‘Accident free zones’ by collecting information from traffic flow, speed, regulations to make informed decisions regarding public safety or a ‘model school’ to be implemented by combining the best from several curriculums, adaptable for future generations.

For the past ten years I have been in the field of education, gaining expertise in teaching mathematics, designing curriculums and mentoring learning community. Although teaching-learning is my passion, and would definitely continue it as a hobby, however I am also a kind of person who believe in constant change and progress in life. This instinct supports me to accept demanding expeditions. My future endeavors would be to take slight detour from my current profession to establish myself in another exciting province, to leverage my knowledge, skills and career.

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